Cash – Bungeni Fri, 04 Jun 2021 19:31:12 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Cash – Bungeni 32 32 Womply Takes Milestone in Helping 250,000 Small Businesses Access Paycheck Protection Program (P3) Loans Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:28 +0000

SAN FRANCISCO – () – To date, 250,000 small businesses have used Womply, the local commerce platform, to apply for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). We are proud to have partnered with talented and tireless officials from the Small Business Administration and Treasury Department to make the PPP a success. Our data shows that the revival of P3s saved hundreds of thousands of businesses and protected millions of jobs.

  • In 2020, Womply has helped over 100,000 small businesses access the P3 program, and the average loan size for our clients was $ 59,000.

  • So far in 2021, Womply has helped 150,000 other companies access the latest round of PPP. Year over year, Womply’s average loan size declined 63% to $ 22,000, a direct result of our efforts to reach underserved, minority and underbanked borrowers.

  • Womply estimates that up to 30 million individuals and businesses are eligible for PPP loans.

  • Government data from the Small Business Administration shows that only 6.1 million PPP loans have been issued since the program started last year. Thus, nearly 80% of eligible borrowers have not yet benefited from this program.

To date, Womply has helped over 100,000 non-employers access the PPP stimulus. Non-employers include workers with independent contractor income, self-employment income, or people who consider themselves sole proprietors. Womply has helped tens of thousands of gig and micro-business workers apply for a PPP raise, including those who receive payments from companies such as Airbnb (ABNB), DoorDash (DASH), Etsy (ETSY), Fiverr (FVRR), Shopify (SHOP), Square (SQ), Uber (UBER), Upwork (UPWK), Wix (WIX). People who work as contractors, truckers, housekeepers, farmers, gardeners, designers, dealers and real estate agents may be eligible.

“Non-employers do not see themselves as ‘small businesses’ and therefore do not apply for the PPP even if they are eligible. If in doubt, they should apply, ”said Womply Founder and CEO Toby Scammell.

Borrowers do not need a registered business entity, business license, official place of business, professional bank account, accountant, lawyer or banker business to apply. Applications take less than thirty minutes to complete. The application is free and there is no credit check for either the individual or the business. If in doubt, apply to

If acted quickly, non-employers can receive emergency P3 stimulus packages ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 41,666. Qualifying non-employers who did not receive a PPP stimulus in 2020 may be eligible for two PPP stimulus loans of up to $ 20,833 each (a first draw and a second draw). Businesses with employees can receive a total of $ 12 million.

“With the last round of PPP funding, we have deployed our data platform to help with eligibility, qualification, business verification, fraud detection and application streamlining,” said Toby Scammell, Founder and CEO of Womply. “We are supporting nearly 100 other businesses that have small business clients or workers to help them all access the PPP program. And we are expanding our referral and affiliate programs to reach new applicants who can put P3 money to help rebuild America. ”

Apply now to:

Learn more about the PPP program at

See Womply’s PPP Stimulus Fact Sheet

To find out more about our referral program:

Submit press inquiries to Justin Davies:

About Womply

Womply’s mission is to help local businesses thrive in a digital world. Founded in 2011, Womply is a local commerce platform that provides applications, APIs, marketing and financial tools to make local commerce a reality for more than 500,000 US businesses and their customers. All of Womply’s products and services are powered by the Womply Commerce Graph, a proprietary data asset that provides the most comprehensive view of local commerce. To learn more, visit or by e-mail to

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How much down payment do I need for a Buy Here Pay Here dealership? Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:28 +0000

When it comes to buying finance here, pay here (BHPH), you will need a down payment to get approved for a car loan.

Down payments and bad credit

If you are struggling with a tarnished credit rating and need a car, a BHPH dealership could be your solution. However, you will need to have a large down payment ready.

You can generally expect a down payment requirement of around 20% or more of the vehicle’s selling price. BHPH dealers only sell used cars, so the selling price of the vehicle you choose, and therefore your down payment requirement, can vary wildly.

These dealerships want to see that you are invested in the car loan because they normally don’t do a credit check to consider you financing.

Bigger down payments mean savings in your pocket

Even if a BHPH dealer may require a large deposit, you can always pay more than the minimum amount required. In fact, saving as much as you can is a good idea for borrowers with bad credit. Plus, a larger down payment means a lower monthly payment.

It’s no secret that bad credit borrowers may not get the best interest rates available – lenders usually offer the best rates for the best credit scores. While you may be facing a higher interest rate than you would like, saving money can help you during the life of the loan.

Putting money aside means you finance less, which means you pay less interest. Auto loans are almost always simple interest loans, where the interest charges are based on what you owe, not how much you originally financed. Therefore, the larger your down payment, the less you pay overall due to lower interest charges.

Should I finance through a BHPH dealer?

If you’ve recently suffered major damage to your credit reports, such as a repossession, a BHPH dealership may be your best way to finance a car loan. Most lenders will not approve a borrower whose repo is less than a year old.

BHPH auto loans usually have higher interest rates because dealerships don’t do credit checks. This is one of the compromises of internal financing. Internal financing simply means that your dealership is also your lender and not dependent on a third party lender to approve and fund the loan.

However, if you were looking to improve your credit score with a car loan, this might not happen with a BHPH dealership. Some don’t report your car loan to the credit bureaus, so your loan and on-time payments won’t show up on your credit reports. Most, however, report missed and late payments to bureaus, so your credit score can be further damaged even if the loan is not initially reported.

Other auto loan options for bad credit borrowers

If you are looking to rebuild your credit and get into a reliable vehicle, there is another type of bad credit lender you can look into: a subprime lender. These lenders work through the special financial department of a dealership and assess more than your score and credit reports to consider you financing.

Subprime auto loans are reported to the credit bureaus, so your loan and timely payments can improve your credit score over time. A better credit rating means better interest rates and more credit opportunities, as well as the ability to qualify for better deals in the future.

Subprime lenders look at your credit reports, but they also look at your monthly income, as well as your work and life stability. However, they also require a deposit. Typically, you can expect a subprime lender to charge at least $ 1,000 or 10% of the car’s selling price (sometimes the lesser of the two).

Finding a Bad Credit Dealer

Locating one of these lenders means finding a bad credit dealer, which is not always easy. But we want to help with that! Here has Auto Express Credit, we have created a network of resellers specializing in finance and BHPH which stretches across the country.

Using our auto loan application formWe connect borrowers with all types of credit situations to the dealers near them with bad credit loan options. Our form is completely free, secure and there is no obligation to purchase. Once completed, we’ll immediately get to work for you!

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Booming, buy now, pay later causing money problems for 1 in 3 users Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:27 +0000

Nearly a third of people who use Buy Now and Pay Later (BNPL) services find themselves in financial difficulty, according to a RateCity study.

RateCity surveyed 1,009 Australians to find out the impact of these services on their personal finances, particularly in light of COVID-19 and ahead of the next ASIC review, scheduled for later this year.

Results of the RateCity BNPL survey:

Who Uses BNPL?

  • 1 in 3 people have used BNPL (32%).
  • More women used BNPL than men (37% of women versus 27% of men).
  • Half of 18 to 34 year olds have used Afterpay, Zip Pay or similar.

BNPL can cause money problems:

Almost a third of people (28%) who used BNPL found themselves in the throes of money problems. This includes:

  • 16% of people went over budget, leaving them struggling to pay for other expenses.
  • 14% paid late fees.
  • 9% (almost 1 in 10) have overdrafted their bank account due to BNPL payments.

BNPL getting people to buy on impulse:

  • More than half of those surveyed (53%) said they were more likely to make impulse purchases using BNPL.
  • Almost 7 in 10 young Australians said it makes them more likely to make impulse purchases (68% of 18-34 year olds).
  • Women are more likely to make impulse purchases using BNPL than men (women 57%, men 47%).

BNPL booming in Australia

The buy now, pay later market in Australia is booming, with a growing list of suppliers now available in Australia. Afterpay, with 3.3 million active customers in Australia and New Zealand, dominates the market and Zip Co with 2.1 million in Australia. Latitude Pay has 425,000 customers in Australia and New Zealand.

RateCity Research Director Sally Tindall said: “Every day thousands of Australians sign up for these services, all wanting to buy something now, but delay paying for it.

“Our study found that 28% of users who buy now, pay later find themselves in money problems, with some unable to pay their bills,” she said.

“This is for over half of purchases now, users who were polled later said these platforms made them spend money.”

A Zip Co spokesperson pointed out that the company’s own numbers do not match RateCity’s findings.

“RateCity’s research does not reflect the experience of Zip where, despite COVID, only 0.002% of Zip customers are struggling (840 vs. 2.1 million),” he said.

“What’s more, a recent Senate Interim Report found (recommendation 8.63) even at the height of consumer financial hardship claims for COVID in March and April 2020, in the BNPL sector, was less than 1%.

“More generally, Zip has always performed credit checks on all customers (each month, about 1 in 100 Zip customers are late each month, compared to 1 in 6 for credit cards). If a Zip customer misses a minimum payment, their account is locked, so they can’t spiral into debt like a credit card. “

Ms Tindall said impulse buying can put a drain on the best savings plans.

“Press pause before you pay, at least for 24 hours, and if you make a mistake, send your purchase back. There is nothing worse than having a bad buying decision in your closet.

“Although buying now, paying later has become a school of hardship for some Australians, services like Afterpay put customers on a much shorter leash than a standard credit card, if they do. stick to a single platform.

“People who make a number of current purchases across multiple platforms risk losing track of their refunds. This can easily result in multiple late fines and in some cases overdraft fees from your bank.

“If you are applying for a home loan, be aware that heavy use of buy now, pay later services could be a red flag and potentially reduce the amount the bank will allow you to borrow,” he said. she declared.

Tips if you use Buy now, pay later

  • Read the terms and conditions.
  • Set strict spending limits.
  • Don’t buy on impulse.
  • If you are in trouble, pull the pin.

Main BNPL services available in Australia

BNPL Supplier What can you buy and where can you use it?

Payment schedule

Maximum value of purchases Account Fee Late fee

Perform credit checks?

Afterpay Use at affiliate retailers.

Mainly non-essential items.

4 payments over 6 weeks $ 2,000 No interest or monthly fees. $ 10 per late refund and an additional $ 7 if you don’t pay in 7 days. Maximum charge of 25% or $ 68, whichever is lower. No
Bundll Wherever Mastercard is accepted.

Can be used for essential and non-essential items

Refund within 2 weeks.

Extend between 2 and 12 weeks for a fee.

$ 1,000

No charge for the basic package.

A 2 week extension costs $ 5. A 12 week plan costs 5% of the amount.

$ 10 late fee, then the account is suspended No credit check for the standard bundll.

Credit check for “Superbundll”.

To differ Used only to pay bills (mainly utility bills) 4 bi-monthly payments Limit of $ 2,000 per invoice $ 5.99 / month when you have bills due.

Card payments include a fee of 1.5% + 20c.

Nothing. Yes
humm (little things) Used by affiliate retailers as well as the majority of BPay billers.

Mainly non-essential items.

5 or 10 bi-monthly payments $ 2,000 No charge if you make 5 bi-monthly payments.

Monthly fee of $ 8 if you make 10 bi-monthly repayments.

$ 6 for each late payment May check your credit score, but it will not affect your score or leave a trace on your file.
Klarna For use in most stores via the Klarna app (excluding supermarkets). Pay in 4 bi-monthly installments.

May extend by 2 weeks for a fee.

$ 1,000 Up to $ 7 fee to extend for 2 weeks (depending on purchase price). $ 3 – $ 15, depending on purchase price, per late payment. The maximum charge is $ 45. Yes – visible on your credit report, but will not affect your credit score
LatitudePay Use at affiliate retailers.

Mainly non-essential items.

10 weekly refunds. $ 1,000 Nothing $ 10 per late payment, capped at $ 10 for a purchase under $ 50; and $ 50 for purchases over $ 50. Yes
Laybuy Use at affiliate retailers.

Mainly non-essential items.

6 weekly repayments Not indicated Nothing $ 10 per late payment and $ 10 more if you don’t pay in 7 days. $ 100 maximum Yes
OpenPay Use at affiliate retailers.

Mainly non-essential items.

Payment plans between 1 and 24 months. Not indicated Varies by payment plan and merchant. Up to $ 9.50 per late refund and up to $ 19.50 if you don’t pay within 7 days Can do a credit check.
PayItLater Use at affiliate retailers.

Mainly non-essential items.

4 weekly repayments $ 1,000 Nothing $ 10 per late refund and an additional $ 5 if you don’t pay after a week. Yes, but using its own testing and document verification services.
Separate it Use at affiliate retailers.

Some retailers require a credit card

Not indicated Works over existing credit card limit. Nothing Nothing No
Zip Pay All over Flexible repayment schedule provided you pay a minimum of $ 40 / month $ 1,500 $ 6 / month if you have money owed. Late fees of $ 5 apply after 21 days of non-payment of the minimum Yes

-Alison Cheung contributed to this story.

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Hawks appointed UScellular store manager Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:27 +0000

DOBSON – Surry-Yadkin Works, the first such community internship program in North Carolina spanning a two-county region, is hosting a virtual kickoff on Tuesday, March 9 at 11 a.m. for anyone interested in learning more about this business and educational initiative.

To join the virtual meeting, enter in your web browser to join the video conference. You might need to quickly download the Microsoft Teams app before joining the meeting.

Crystal Folger-Hawks, Surry-Yadkin Works Program Director, will provide an overview of the program followed by presentations from students from Katie Kellam, Elkin High School, Certified Nursing Assistant at the Northern Regional Hospital; Trevor Moxley, Starmount High School, maintenance intern at Unifi; Chloe Hunter, East Surry High School, e-commerce intern at Leonard USA; and Carlos Salmeron, Mount Airy High School, construction intern at Smith-Rowe LLC.

Business partners will share their experience with Surry-Yadkin Works, including Smith “Smitty” Williams, head of human resources at Unifi and Chris Lumsden, president and CEO of the Northern Regional Hospital. Cecilia Holden, President and CEO of myFutureNC, a statewide non-profit organization focused on academic achievement, will also be a guest speaker.

Surry-Yadkin Works started with 50 students placed on internships for the spring semester of 2021. The program is the collaborative effort of four public school systems in Surry and Yadkin counties, including Elkin Town Schools, Mount Airy Town Schools, Surry County Schools and Yadkin County Schools, as well as Surry Community College, to create a unique approach to an internship program.

The funding is also a joint effort with pledges from Surry County Commissioners and Yadkin County Commissioners. An anonymous contributor donated $ 100,000 following a presentation of the program at an educational summit. Surry-Yadkin Works officially began on January 1.

The first youth apprenticeship program for registered nurses in North Carolina began with 13 interns from Surry-Yadkin Works who began working as employees at the North Regional Hospital in January. Twelve of the students have been hired as certified practical nurses and one is employed as a patient care technician.

The students are: Laney Cave, Carrie McKeaver and Ashley Sewell from Surry Central High School; Jenny Cortes and Natalie Evans of Mount Airy High School; Tynlee Jones and Julie Marshall of East Surry High School; Katie Kellam of Elkin High School; Eryn O’Neal and Annsley Puckett of North Surry High School; Emily Santiago Orellana of Surry Early College High School; Anna Serrano of Starmount High School; and Reagan Wooten of Forbush High School.

This opportunity is part of the United States Department of Labor’s Apprenticeship Program and the state’s ApprenticeshipNC program through the NC Community College System Office, which combines a paid on-the-job learning experience with academics leading to national certification. These students have the opportunity to earn free tuition for Surry Community College’s Associate Degree Nursing Program, which allows students to become registered nurses.

37 other Surry-Yadkin Works interns work for companies and organizations in Surry and Yadkin counties. These students along with their high schools, work locations and job titles are as follows:

Mont Airy Haut School: Raydan Hawks, Chatham Nursing & Rehabilitation, Certified Practical Nursing (CNA) Intern and Carlos Salmeron, Smith-Rowe LLC, Triage Team Member.

North Surry High School: Luke Wagoner, Cedar Ridge Elementary, Trainee Guardian; Chris Parker, Vega Construction Company, project management intern; Emma Crouse and Emily Johnson, Chatham Nursing & Rehabilitation, CNA interns; Weatherly Reeves, Interlam Design, Social Media Marketing Intern; Megan Angel and Cainan Dollyhigh, operators of AutoCAD Johnson Granite; Caleb Doss, Johnson Granite, Manufacturer Intern; Mackenzie Yoder, Leonard USA, installation intern; and Leah Cain and Azeneth Espinosa, Surry County Schools, CNA interns.

East of Surry High School: Ripley Cottrell, Shoals Elementary School, Trainee Guardian; Chloe Hunter and Brianna Whitaker, Leonard USA, e-commerce interns; Hailey Flynn and Cassidy Hewitt, Surry County Schools, CNA Interns; and Victor Hall, Dobson Elementary, trainee guardian.

Surry Central High School: Morgan Dawson, Chatham Nursing & Rehabilitation, CNA Intern; Peggy Prevette, Shepherd’s House, Education Program Intern; Carter Jones, Surry communications, supply and storage intern; and Tiffany Payne, Surry County Schools, CNA Intern;

Surry Early College High School: Anahi Nunez, Altec, office automation intern; Estefania Camacho, Chatham Nursing & Rehabilitation, CNA intern; Matthew Gillespie, Interlam Design, CNC programmer; Leslie Nguygen, REF Properties, accounting / office automation assistant; Jesus Nava, Tampco, machine trainee; and Lesshawn Phillips, Workforce Unlimited, IT intern.

In addition, other students from Forbush and Starmount High Schools and Yadkin Early College High School are participating.

Students started their internships on January 11 and will work until May 14. They will receive high school or college credits for their employment as well as a monthly allowance for travel expenses.

For more information on the virtual launch program or event, contact Crystal Folger-Hawks at 336-401-7820 or or visit can follow Surry-Yadkin Works on Facebook and Instagram @surryyadkinworks and on Twitter @SurYadWorks.

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Cowgirl Up! Horse-drawn trailer turned cafe in Makawao charmingly serves caffeine Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:27 +0000

MAkawao has a lovely new place to get a dose of Upcountry’s caffeine: a converted little horse trailer. In it, Joannah Bryan from Maui serves organic and fresh coffee with personality and enthusiasm.

Paniolo and camping enthusiasts will recognize cowboy coffee as a grainy, strong pot of grounds and boiled water over an open fire. “Cowgirl coffee is brewed by the cup with a pour,” says Bryan. “It looks like a cowboy cafe where you put the pitcher on the campfire, but it’s a little more fancy because it’s cowgirl coffee,” she laughs.

The chalkboard menu happily displays coffee expectations of regular, decaffeinated, and cinnamon house coffee, as well as espresso-based lattes and cappuccinos mixed with a few unique touches on old favorites. Bryan uses all organic products. “I also have macadamia milk, which people really love,” Bryan said. “It makes a delicious mocha. I would say it’s our signature drink, I call it Makawao Mocha. It’s made with organic macadamia nut milk, organic cocoa and homemade chocolate syrup. Everything on the menu can be served frozen. On the tea side, Cowgirl Coffee offers chai, wild orange green tea and turmeric-based golden milk.

In addition to the delicious drinks, Cowgirl Coffee also serves tasty toast of sweet and savory persuasions. The food menu is “very small but very delicious,” said Bryan. “We have fresh sourdough toast; we make avocado toast, banana toast and cinnamon sugar toast, as well as freshly baked banana bread. All banana and avocado are all local and organic delicacies.

Currently, Cowgirl Coffee’s horse trailer-turned-café is nestled between Stopwatch and Postal Plus on Makawao Avenue. “It’s a great place to grab a quick coffee when entering or leaving Makawao town. There are parking spaces and we open early, ”said Bryan. At present, the truck has a limited number of seats.

The charming yellow truck with its horseshoe logo was designed, designed and built by Bryan. “This is a 1960 horse trailer that I converted,” Bryan said. “I did all of the construction myself here on Maui. It’s a complete little café, in a very small horse-drawn trailer. We have a really wonderful La Marzocco espresso machine which is like the gem of my business because it makes awesome coffee.

Growing up in Keokea, Maui, Bryan moved to the mainland but wanted to move home in 2017. “I wanted to do something in the Upcountry, and I wanted to do something that would make the local community happy and serve the local community. Makawao is a city close to my heart… I thought it would be really cute to do something about the land of paniolo and rodeo. This is how Cowgirl Coffee was born! ”

“I wanted to do something lovely and something that had a low ecological footprint, both ecological and economical. I tried my best to make it really good for the island and really good for people’s bodies, so I use organic products and try to get rid of single use plastic. The company also runs on solar power, she added.

In his efforts to phase out single-use plastic, Bryan has implemented a system to encourage people to bring their own cups and mugs. “You get a dollar off your drink if you bring your own mug, mug, or mason jar. For frozen drinks, I charge an extra dollar for the mason jar, but you get a dollar off when you bring it back. It also has a basket where customers can leave or take extra jars to donate to their community.

“We opened in May, and so far we’re just trying to get the word out! Business has been pretty good. We have a lot of repeat customers – once people find out I’m here, they come back.

If you’re looking for some charming caffeine, check out Cowgirl Coffee. “We are here, serving all this aloha for our local community. We want to get involved and serve the local community.

Cowgirl cafe

1135 Makawao Ave., next to the Stopwatch Sportsbar

(808) 268-0077

Open Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Photos courtesy of Joannah Bryan



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How to get a student loan Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:27 +0000

Paying for college is a challenge for many potential students. Grants and scholarships are only expanding so far, so borrowing money may be the only way to pay for higher education. More than half of students who went to college in the 2019-20 school year took out student loans, according to the Federal Reserve.

If you go this route, there are two main types of loans to choose from: private and federal. Because federal student loans come with generous protections for borrowers and no credit check, it is best to request it first. Private student loans can be more expensive, but generally have higher loan limits. If you want to borrow money for your education, you first need to know how to apply for a student loan.

How to get a federal student loan

To release federal student loans and federal student assistance, you must first complete the form Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form. It’s free and comes out in October of each year. Complete it the year before you intend to go to school and reapply with a new FAFSA form every school year.

When you get your results, you will know whether you qualify for subsidized or unsubsidized federal student loans. Subsidized loans are for undergraduates with financial need. If you qualify, the Department of Education will pay your interest charges while you are in school and during the deferral. You pay all the interest charges with an unsubsidized loan.

Here’s what to expect in the application process:

  1. Create an account. Students will create a Federal Student Aid (FSA) account to complement the FAFSA.
  2. Gather your documents. Get an overview of the FAFSA on the worksheet provided by FSA. Compile a list of schools that should receive your FAFSA form and gather your social security number, driver’s license number, federal income tax return, proof of income (usually with W-2 forms) and current bank statements . If you are listed as a dependent, you will also need to collect these documents from your parents.
  3. Fill out forms. The FAFSA takes about 30 minutes to complete.
  4. Review your SAR. After you submit the FAFSA, the Department of Education will send you a Student Assistance Report (SAR), which shows you a summary of all the information you entered. Check the accuracy of the SAR.
  5. Receive your offers of financial assistance. The colleges you’ve listed on the FAFSA will calculate your financial aid and send you a financial aid letter, which can include a mix of loans, grants, and work-study options.
  6. Accept financial aid. Your financial aid offer may vary depending on each school. Once you have compared the offers and chosen a school, contact the school to accept the financial aid. If it includes federal student loans, the school will tell you how to accept them.

The CSS profile

While the FAFSA is your only route to federal student aid, a lesser-known form allows you to apply for non-federal scholarships and other types of aid directly from the school. the Profile of the College Scholarship Service (CSS) is available in October of each year. But unlike the FAFSA, there is a small cost involved: an upfront fee of $ 25 and an additional fee of $ 16 for each school you include on the form.

You may be eligible for assistance beyond your federal options, so consider this option if your school participates. To complete the application, first register with the board of directors. It’s a bit more in-depth than the FAFSA – it takes about two hours – so check what kind of documents you need. After submitting the form, you can periodically visit your CSS profile dashboard to verify your application, add other colleges, and upload additional documents.

How to apply for a private student loan

If you’ve reached the borrowing limit on your federal student loan or are not eligible for financial aid, you may need to cover some school fees with a private student loan. These come from banks, credit unions and online financial institutions.

Here’s how to get student loans from a private lender:

  1. Shop around for several lenders. Compare loan amounts, interest rates, fees, and repayment plans. Because you will likely have a relationship with this lender for several years, make sure that they offer hardship options in case you run into financial trouble later. The lender should also have good reviews and responsive customer service.
  2. Check your eligibility. Before you complete an application, determine if your credit history and income match the credentials of the lender. Some lenders may perform a prequalification check, which allows you to see if you qualify and what potential rates you will receive, without harming your credit. If you do not meet the requirements, you will need a co-signer who can do so.
  3. Complete the request. You may need to accept a credit check and provide details like your school, tuition, type of degree, citizenship information, social security number, proof of income, and debts.
  4. Wait for verification. The lender will confirm your tuition fees with your school, which may take a few weeks. Once your school has certified the school, the lender usually pays the funds directly to the school.

Considerations before borrowing

Since student loans are a multi-year commitment, it’s important to allow time to build a long-term plan. Here are some things to consider before applying for a loan.

Private loans are subject to reservations

Even if private student loans can be a great option when you are not eligible for sufficient federal assistance, you need to understand the downsides. They are not eligible for some of the borrower protections that come with federal student loans, such as loan cancellation and income-based payment plans. Deferral and forbearance options may also vary by lender. And if the loan has a variable interest rate, it can increase at any time during repayment.

Borrow only what you need

Borrowing the minimum amount you need to pay for your education allows you to lower your monthly payments after graduation. Most schools help you estimate the cost of tuition, fees, and room and board each year. Once you know how much you need, subtract the funds you hope to get from scholarships and grants. If you need to borrow money to cover the rest, start with Federal Student Loans and move on to private loan options if necessary.

What will your monthly payments be?

Before applying for a loan, analyze the numbers to understand what you are getting yourself into. Use a student loan calculator to determine what your monthly payments will be after graduation and whether you are comfortable with the amount. Also check how long it will take to pay off the debt and how much interest you will pay over the life of the loan.

Can you pay for school differently?

Student loans, whether federal or private, must be repaid at some point. But grants and scholarships do not have to be repaid in most cases, as long as you meet the conditions. Some colleges, universities, and vocational schools offer their own financial aid, so find out about your options. You can also take a part-time job while in school to help defray school fees or rent. There are many ways to pay for college; Take a look at all of your options before committing to a loan.

The bottom line

While it’s a good idea to exhaust your grant and scholarship options first, knowing how to get a student loan is an important part of planning for college. First, fill out the FAFSA to see how much federal help you can get, then search for more options through the CSS profile. If you need to borrow more money, look for private student loans that offer affordable payment terms. The work you put into your student loan applications now can help lower your tuition costs, so you can focus on your studies and postgraduate career.

Image presented by Tatiana Frank from Shutterstock.

Learn more:

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A great SIM card option for Europe Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:27 +0000

If you are going to Europe and looking for a SIM card option that works in multiple countries, My UK SIM card could be the perfect solution for you.

My UK SIM Card is a new product available for sale in the US and Canada, although it has been available in Australia for a few years. This is a prepaid phone SIM card that uses the Three UK mobile network. This SIM card works seamlessly in the UK and over thirty European countries including Iceland, Germany, France, Belgium, Italy and Spain. My UK SIM card also comes with limited coverage in Israel.



Here are the three main advantages of My UK SIM Card:

1. No more expensive international roaming charges on your cell phone when traveling to UK or Europe, or when you’re stuck with only 2G / EDGE data speeds. My UK SIM card works on fast 4G LTE networks.

2. A massive allocation of 12 GB of 4G LTE data, 3000 minutes and 3000 SMS. It operates throughout the UK (England, Scotland, Wales) and in over 30 European countries.

3. A UK cell phone number to give to tour operators, car rental companies, hotels, Uber, and new friends you meet along the way.

You have the choice between a 100% prepaid SIM card or a rechargeable option. You can also choose between a phone SIM card and a tablet SIM card. The phone’s SIM card comes with 12 GB of 4G LTE data, 3000 minutes and 3000 SMS. The SIM tablet comes with 3 GB of 4G LTE data.

Use in UK and Europe

While in the UK you can use your phone as an access point. One of the best parts of this plan is that all incoming calls and texts are free for you. However, if you want to call your home via cell phone while in the UK it will cost you 3p per minute and around 25p by text message home.

In addition, you will be given a UK mobile number so that you can sign up for apps like Uber or country specific public transport apps like Stræto in Iceland, Deutsche Bahn’s DB app in Germany, RuterBillet in Norway and Mobilbiletter in Denmark. You’ll also have an easier time contacting travel and car rental companies, your hotel, or your Airbnb host. Plus, it’s good to have a phone number handy for emergencies or new travel companions.

Other benefits to consider

Imagine having hassle-free access to Google Maps without having to remember to download an offline version of your local area, the ability to take a ride electronically, the ability to contact your hostel and access your social media accounts on the entire duration of your trip. Keep friends and family informed without the stress of dealing with an unexpected situation without a viable means of communication. The peace of mind that comes with this SIM card is worth every penny.

How much does this SIM card cost? This card used to cost $ 49.95, but now costs just $ 39.99 with free shipping! With coverage in 34 countries as well as the UK, that’s just over $ 1 per country served. It costs over a dollar to buy individual SIM cards in each country. If you are planning a trip to multiple countries, this SIM card could save you a lot of money.

There is no credit check and no overdraft fees, so you can rest assured that you will get exactly what you pay for. It’s also easy to use. Simply insert the SIM card into your unlocked iPhone or Smartphone when you reach UK or Europe and you will be instantly connected with high speed data.

Since the market has expanded to the US, all US / Canadian orders are shipped from Idaho so you don’t have to wait for overseas shipping. In fact, My UK SIM Card offers next day shipping so you can get it on time, even if you’re doing last minute errands.

Things to note

You can top up the SIM card after your 30 day plan expires using your US or Canadian credit on the My UK SIM Card website. There is no contract, so when you reach 12 GB of data or 3000 SMS or minutes, your SIM will simply stop working.

Make sure to keep track of your usage so you don’t have an unexpected drop! If you are going on a trip of more than 30 days, simply buy more than one SIM card before you go and activate the second when the first is finished.

The bottom line: If you are embarking on an epic UK / Europe adventure and have been looking for SIM card options, My UK SIM Card is the perfect solution to stay connected on your travels!

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Federal money for business is drying up Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:27 +0000

One of the hallmarks of the $ 2.2 trillion federal coronavirus relief program is the Paycheck Protection Program, or PPP. This created a $ 349 billion pool of money that businesses could access to continue paying their employees, even if the business were closed and not generating revenue.

The program, limited to businesses with fewer than 500 employees, initially allocates the money in the form of low-interest loans channeled through banks, but part – and in many cases all – of the loan can be forgiven by the federal government. The remainder of the money that has not been returned is converted into an 18 month 1% loan repayable to the bank through which the request was made.

This program was to be a lifeline for small businesses, but as of Thursday morning the fund was depleted as Congress bickered over how to replenish the money – leaving many small businesses that never had the chance to reapply by seeking to leave their employees in the cold.

“I knew this was going to be a challenge,” said Todd Tucker, president of the Partnership for Economic Development. “For as fast as these programs were put in place, and I think they are good programs… I knew they would be nowhere near big enough to meet the demand.”

Peter A. Pequeno II, senior vice president and chief loan officer at Surrey Bank & Trust, said real small businesses – those with five or fewer companies – have never had a chance.

“They only gave the banks advice on Tuesday afternoon,” he said, explaining that this meant business owners of this size weren’t able to apply until then. He said 67% of the money had already gone with many online businesses to take the rest by the time the federal government issued instructions on how these smaller businesses could apply.

Previously, large companies could still ask for money.

Pequeno said his bank had helped guide local businesses through the process, with 252 of their loan applications, asking for just over $ 45.1 million, approved.

“Almost all of this will be done in our community,” he said.

Pequeno said the key to his bank’s success starts early – even before the program was up and running. The PPP program is administered, at least in part, by the Small Business Administration (SBA). Pequeno said Surrey Bank & Trust got its applicants to complete their application files early, lining them up on the SBA portal for approval “before the government releases them to the big banks”.

“We used all of our resources, all of our loan officers worked all weekend, until Easter weekend, to help our community.”

That Friday, he said, when applications were due to open, the bank had its people on site in the building at 5:30 a.m., ready to start at 6 a.m., with most of the work done in the first three days, when 185 of their clients were approved for $ 40.8 million.

“We’re just very, very grateful to all of our customers, the community members, they also worked really hard. It was a team effort. If our clients hadn’t worked hard, many would have missed out. “

Essentially, Pequeno said the way the program works is that businesses apply for the loan, and if approved, they receive funding to pay their staff for up to eight weeks after the loan closes, even though the loan closes. business is closed due to a stay-home orders or other COVID-19 issues. The money must be used before June 30.

Somewhere along the line after the initial approval, the US Treasury Department will determine how much of each loan will be forgiven.

“We are not the judge on this matter. The Treasury decides on the amount forgiven. The Treasury approves the amount of the rebate. “

This canceled loan amount is repaid directly from the federal government to the bank. Any remaining balance on the loan turns into a 1% loan over 18 months, although the federal government still guarantees the loan in the event of default.

Pequeno said the PPP money officially ran out at 10:10 a.m. Thursday, when no more applications were accepted by the federal program. Even many applicants already online will not receive funding unless Congress allocates more money to the program.

This is where partisan politics seems to come into the fray.

While the two main parties played largely well in formulating the first three coronavirus stimulus packages, the next round is mired in party feuds.

According to multiple media outlets, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin and others have pledged to invest more money in the plan, but Republicans and Democrats cannot agree on the amount or other favorite causes of the plan. silver.

According to The Hill publication, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Republican from Kentucky, last week attempted to pass a bill adding an additional $ 250 billion to the plan.

Democrats blocked the move, then hit back with a similar proposal that added $ 100 billion for hospitals and $ 150 billion for state and local governments to use to boost food aid. McConnell blocked this proposal.

And now, business owners who can’t pay their employees on leave are waiting, with both sides digging their heels and blaming the other guys.

Surrey Bank is able to raise money for 251 businesses

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One in ten small businesses in the UK have lost all of their business Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:27 +0000

Most suffered significant losses

LONDON, June 25, 2020 / PRNewswire / – The scale of the challenge facing UK small business owners recovering from the pandemic has been revealed by a study published by Amaiz, the merchant banking app, today. During their research (carried out for them by 3Gem), 10% of small businesses said they had lost all of their affairs as a direct result of the lockdown and a third said they believed the pandemic had been “very damaging”. However, most small businesses are optimistic about the future, with 59% believing it will take less than 6 months to return to previous revenue levels.

Although this is a minority that has lost all of its activities, the results show that most small businesses register significant losses: more than a third (35%) have lost more than 30% and almost half (48%) of companies lost more than 20%. This is compounded by their struggle to get payment from their customers, with almost one in three (31%) reporting having difficulty getting paid during the crisis and a quarter (25%) reporting having difficulty paying clients. suppliers.

Matt goddard, Head of Acquisitions at Amaiz, said: “Small businesses are the lifeblood of the UK economy. FSB figures show that in 2019 SMEs accounted for three-fifths of employment and around half of the total. UK private sector business. It is tragic, but not unexpected, to hear that small businesses have suffered so much during the pandemic. ”

While a small majority of companies (59%) estimate that it will take them less than 6 months to reach previous revenue levels, a quarter believe it will take at least a year to recover from the situation. impact of the pandemic and just under 5% believe they will never recover.

The Amaiz banking app was launched in March 2020, just before the pandemic, and helping small businesses by combining banking with accounting. The premium account is available at £ 9.99 per month. However, there is a free version that only charges 20p per outgoing transaction. The app comes with many unique features that allow business owners to quickly and easily manage their bookkeeping between clients. It is also possible to include a contactless card reader for low installation and transaction costs. To create their account, a business owner simply needs to download the app and then prove their identity and entitlement to work in the UK. There is no credit check so the process can be done from home very quickly.

Matt concluded: “As the government announces the easing of the lockdown, we hope it will listen to the needs of small businesses. Of course, lives cannot and should not be put at risk, as with Reducing social distance by two meters First, small changes can be made that will have a disproportionate impact on whether a small business can operate or must close permanently This is a critical time for many small businesses. At Amaiz, we will do everything we can to help you. We hope the government will do the same. “

Logo –

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AT&T 5G. Today all over the country. Thu, 11 Mar 2021 05:24:27 +0000

DALLAS, July 23, 2020 / PRNewswire / – AT & T’s 5G network * is live for consumers and businesses across the country starting today, built on the country’s best and fastest wireless network.1

“Just as our lives have changed over the past few months, our expectations for wireless technology have changed,” said Jeff McElfresh, CEO of AT&T Communications. “With AT&T 5G nationwide, our network begins the journey to transform connectivity as we know it by setting a breathtaking new bar of experiences and improved efficiency. Businesses, developers and consumers are already harnessing the potential of 5G and we are excited for the customers. across the United States to experience it for themselves. It is an exciting time in the field of technology. “

We designed AT&T 5G with our customers in mind, because today they are more connected than ever. 5G will improve the things we do today and ultimately improve those experiences overall. And now that our 5G signal is reaching customers across the country, there are some immediate benefits they can enjoy right away, including:

  • AT&T 5G offers in all the countries connectivitySo whether you’re at home or on the go, you’ll get 5G coverage in more places. 2 And the speed of 5G means fast downloads and very little lag time for all your on-demand entertainment and favorite mobile games. Capacity increase The capabilities of 5G will ultimately bring more bandwidth to handle all of your devices at once – from your smartphone to your smartwatch, to your connected car and beyond!
  • Departure August 7, we are adding 5G access to our AT&T Unlimited Starter wireless plan for consumers from $ 35/ month for 4 lines. This means that access to the AT&T 5G network will be at no additional cost for customers of any of our AT&T Unlimited Starter, Extra and Elite plans.3
  • Beginner also August 7, we’re adding 5G access to our AT&T Business Unlimited Web-Only and Starter plans. It means Company clients with one of our AT&T Business Unlimited Web-Only, Starter, Performance, and Elite plans, you’ll get 5G access at no additional cost. 4
  • Lots of cool devices, including the Samsung Galaxy Note10 + 5G, Samsung Galaxy S20 Family, Samsung Galaxy A71 5G, LG V60 ThinQ 5G, and LG VELVET 5G (with more coming soon).
  • And our prepaid consumers If you are looking for a 5G service without an annual contract and without a credit check, you have two options:
    • AT&T PREPAID customers can now purchase a 5G compatible device from an AT&T store or activate an eligible 5G compatible device on the Unlimited Plus plan.
    • At 21st of August, Wireless cricket customers will be able to activate 5G service on the Samsung Galaxy S20 + 5G. More details soon!

AT&T 5G promises businesses and consumers a whole new kind of network.

  • 5G is already having a significant impact on the way businesses operate ( Now, with 5G nationwide, we can create even more personalized experiences for businesses to engage with customers in new and exciting ways, whether it’s a small or a large one. business.
  • We’re already seeing the impact of 5G on the entertainment we consume in the home today, but as it progresses it can power more immersive, multisensory digital content like AR / VR that offers consumers an unparalleled interactive experience, live games and new experiences with connected devices such as your household appliances, your security system or even your toothbrush.
  • And as America looks to the future, technologies like 5G are going to play a huge role in shaping the future of all industries – with a particular focus on healthcare, manufacturing, retail and live entertainment. Thanks to AT & T’s mmWave 5G technology (now available in parts of 35 cities across the country), we can enable those lightning-fast speeds and responsive connections.

“Our strategy of deploying 5G in the sub-6 (5G) and mmWave (5G +) spectrum bands will provide the best mix of speeds, latency and coverage that are needed to enable breakthrough new capabilities to fuel the experiences. 5G for consumers and businesses, ”said Chris Sambar, executive vice president of technology operations. “Our competitors are always striving to deliver the same mix, which for them could take months or even years. What we offer is available to consumers and businesses today, and we’re not slowing down. As we have done throughout our 144-year history, we will continue to innovate and invest in our network to extend our 5G coverage to more consumers and businesses across the country. “

Learn more about AT & T’s 5G network at

1 Best network based on GWS OneScore, September 2019. Based on the fastest on analysis through Ookla® of Median download speeds of Speedtest Intelligence® data for the second quarter of 2020. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.
2 Plan and device compatible with AT&T 5G req. 5G service may not be available in your area. Go to for more details.
3 AT&T may temporarily slow down the data speed if the network is busy. Price requires AT&T Unlimited Starter, Automatic payment and paperless invoice. Taxes and additional charges.
4 Business Unlimited Web only and Business Unlimited Starter: AT&T may temporarily slow down data speeds if the network is busy. Business Unlimited Performance: After 50 GB, AT&T may temporarily slow down data speeds if the network is busy.

* About AT&T Communications

We help family, friends and neighbors connect meaningfully every day. From the first phone call over 140 years ago to mobile video streaming, we innovate to improve lives. We have the fastest wireless network in the country. ** And according to the largest US test, we have the best wireless network in the country. *** We are building FirstNet just for first responders and the creation of next-gen mobile 5G. With a line of TV and video products, we deliver entertainment that people love to talk about. Our smart, highly secure solutions serve nearly 3 million businesses worldwide – almost every Fortune 1000 company. And around the world, our spirit of service inspires employees to give back to their communities.

AT&T Communications is part of AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T). Learn more about

AT&T products and services are provided or offered by subsidiaries and affiliates of AT&T Inc. under the AT&T brand and not by AT&T Inc. Additional information on AT&T products and services can be found at Follow our news on Twitter at @ATT, on Facebook at and on YouTube at

© 2020 AT&T Intellectual Property. All rights reserved. AT&T, the Globe logo and other marks are trademarks and service marks of AT&T Intellectual Property and / or companies affiliated with AT&T. All other trademarks contained in this document are the property of their respective owners.

Best US Network Based on GWS OneScore Sep 2019; The fastest network in the country based on Ookla® analysis of median download speeds of Speedtest Intelligence® data for the second quarter of 2020. Ookla trademarks used under license and reprinted with permission.

SOURCE AT&T Communications

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