Qantas will replace Perth-Jakarta with Perth-Johannesburg

LONDON – Qantas will suspend services to Jakarta from Perth and in turn fly to Johannesburg, but until March 2023 as it will be ‘suspended until further notice’.

Itinerary swap

Qantas, which was due to travel to Jakarta on November 30, decided to switch to Johannesburg with a deadline until March 2023.

To complicate matters, flights from Johannesburg (QF66) will either go to Terminal 1 or Terminal 3, while the flight from Johannesburg (QF65) will always depart from Terminal 3.

The airline will have two periods regarding the use of terminal QF66, namely the flight arriving from Johannesburg. Flights between November 1 and January 15 will go to Terminal 3.

“Passengers with a connecting Qantas flight will clear customs and immigration at T3 so they can easily connect to their connecting service. Passengers ending their journey in Perth will be transported by bus from T3 to Terminal 1 ( T1) to go through customs at T1.

Between January 16 and March 25, 2023, QF66 will arrive at T1, “where all passengers will pass through customs and immigration. Passengers with connecting Qantas flights will be transported by bus to T3.

March 25 is the day Qantas will (for the time being) suspend this route, “Due to these constraints and the operational workarounds required, the Johannesburg service will be suspended from March 25, 2023 until further notice. “

One of the main reasons given by Qantas as to why the flight will be “suspended until further notice” comes down to T3 constraints on safety and biosecurity requirements for flights at T3.

“Infrastructure constraints at Terminal 3 make it difficult to provide the levels of border security and biosecurity screening required to process passengers arriving from certain destinations, including South Africa.”

Qantas International CEO Andrew David said the T1/T3 split came “after detailed discussions with border agencies… it is about balancing the needs of our customers and our operations with the important work that our border agencies do passenger checks and risk management at the border.

The benefit, David said, was “all of our Johannesburg flights will depart from T3, meaning passengers traveling from other parts of Australia to take advantage of this service will have a seamless experience, and eligible passengers will be able to access our lounge”.

“We appreciate the support of Perth Airport as well as government agencies in developing and implementing these alternatives so that we can meet the high demand for travel to South Africa during the peak travel period. holidays.”

“We are working with the airport and the government on how we can develop our international services from Perth given these developments,” Mr David added.

A Perth Airport spokesperson said: “Perth Airport had agreed to host Jakarta and Johannesburg services from Terminal 3, subject to Qantas obtaining the appropriate federal regulatory approvals.

“Perth Airport has done everything possible to ensure that flights can go ahead as planned, and while we are understandably disappointed that services are not continuing, we understand the position of the government agencies involved.”

Qantas also provided a statement explaining why they have decided to cut flights to Jakarta. The main reason is that due to “the same constraints”, Qantas decided to clear this route.

This means the suspension is not because Qantas failed to obtain the necessary approvals.

When Qantas CEO Alan Joyce announced the Perth-Jakarta route, it was “the first time Qantas has operated the route which will support growing trade and tourism links between Australia and Indonesia” and was to ” be popular”. with travelers connecting to other major Indonesian cities such as Surabaya and Medan.

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