Cape Town to get 700 social housing near expensive CBD

Lester Kiewit interviews Anthea Houston of social housing company Communicare.

Cape Town receives more than 700 social housing apartments. The units will be located in the historic Salt River Market District.

The apartments will form part of a R900 million mixed-use development project.

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The area is less than four kilometers from the CBD and well served by public transport. The city of Cape Town sold the land to developers.

The Western Cape has 600,000 housing seekers on its waiting list.

Lester Kiewit interviewed Anthea Houston, CEO of social housing company Communicare (scroll to listen).

There are a number of people that the community might consider homeless, people living on the property, and the City has an obligation to provide them with housing…which the City has yet to plan for… It will take at least a year…

Anthea Houston, CEO of Communicare

We won’t see shovels in the ground for at least two to three years…

Anthea Houston, CEO of Communicare

The site has already been rezoned to no longer be a market…We have consulted with interest groups…including traders…We are not only planning to build these 700 houses…it will include a market…

Anthea Houston, CEO of Communicare

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