England v South Africa: second T20 men’s international match – live! | England vs South Africa 2022

Key events

19th: South Africa 203-3 (Rossouw 93, Stubbs 14) Sam Curran has the misfortune to overthrow the penultimate. Stubbs puts him down for sixthen survives a chance of exhaustion to the bowler. That six is ​​the only limit of a good enough one by Curran, even though he went for 12. He finishes with numbers of 4-0-38-0.

Sam Curran in action. Photography: Paul Childs/Action Images/Reuters

18th: South Africa 191-3 (Rossouw 90, Stubbs 7) Jordan doesn’t get his yorker right, and Rossouw beats a full shot where he came from for his fifth six. Another full throw is bulldozed over extra coverage for four more, then Rossouw is muscled in when he misses a ramp shot on a wide yorker.

17th over: South Africa 176-3 (Rossouw 77, Stubbs 5) Stubbs cuts Topley from cover, the ball falling short of Bairstow as he closes in on the boundary. Topley does a great job of keeping Stubbs quiet for the majority of pluses: at just six years old. In such a marked match, an over like that can be decisive.

16th over: South Africa 170-3 (Rossouw 72, Stubbs 1) Rossouw agrees to continue – it looked damn painful, mind you – and passes the last ball to the third court for four more. He has 76 on just 42 balls.

15.5 overs: South Africa 166-3 (Rossouw 72, Stubbs 1) Stubbs fires his first pitch for a single, but times it so gently that commentators Mark Butcher and Eoin Morgan burst out laughing.

Rossouw, who is well and truly back in international cricket, smokes Gleeson in the middle of the wicket during six, then club a low, full throw halfway through for four.

The next ball is a wide yorker that knocks Rossouw down as he attempts to play a ramp shot. He got tangled up and ended up putting the ball in his jaw, so there’s a break in play while he’s checked by the physio.

15th over: South Africa 154-3 (Rossouw 61, Stubbs 0) A nice shot from Roussouw, which directs Jordan perfectly between a small, thin leg and a point back for the four. The next ball goes borderline in a more familiar style when Rossouw throws a short ball around the corner. Eleven from the top.

COUNTER! South Africa 143-3 (Klaasen v Malan v Jordan 19)

A slower short wide ball from Jordan is slapped halfway through by Klaasen. He goes for a 10-ball 19. The new hitter is Tristan Stubbs, promoted in order to hold the left/right combination.

Heinrich Klaasen is out for 19 years.
Heinrich Klaasen is out for 19 years. Photo: Geoff Caddick/AFP/Getty Images

14th over: South Africa 143-2 (Rossouw 50, Klaasen 19) A single from Topley brings Rossouw to an impressive and hard-hitting fifty of 32 bullets. It is his first in an international T20 since January 2015.

With Miller and Stubbs coming up, South Africa are on course for a huge score here – probably 220+.

13th: South Africa 136-2 (Rossouw 49, Klaasen 13) Rossouw reverse sweeps Rashid for four, then lands an almighty hack over Buttler’s head for another four.

It’s a very productive game for South Africa, even by the standards of this round. Klaasen pushes Rashid down for six, though he hasn’t timed it perfectly, and the usual run between the wicket makes it 18 more.

12th over: South Africa 118-2 (Rossouw 40, Klaasen 4) New hitter Heinrich Klaasen hits his first legitimate delivery around the corner for four.

COUNTER! South Africa 112-2 (Hendricks v Bairstow v Gleeson 53)

What a brilliant capture by Jonny Bairstow! Hendricks carried Gleeson to a deep back square, where Bairstow took a very difficult two-handed grip over his shoulder and made sure he wasn’t overweight and hit the borderline sponge. It was perfectly judged.

Bow down.
Bow down. Photography: Ashley Western/Colorpsort/Shutterstock
What a trap!
What a trap! Photo: Geoff Caddick/AFP/Getty Images

11th over: South Africa 109-1 (Hendricks 52, Rossouw 37) Hendricks scuffs Curran to the short, thin leg, where Gleeson lands a slightly awkward two-handed chance to his right. He should have taken it anyway, but she wasn’t a babysitter.

Earlier in the past, Hendricks hit another elegant fifty, this one from 29 balls.

Reeza Hendricks is celebrating her half-century.
Reeza Hendricks is celebrating her half-century. Photography: James Marsh/Shutterstock

10th over: South Africa 100-1 (Hendricks 44, Rossouw 37) Jos Buttler turns to Chris Jordan, who played so well last night. There is a small controversy when Rossouw survives a criticism for taken behind after gloved a short ball to the side of the leg. Buttler thought he had taken it cleanly just above the ground; third referee Alex Wharf disagreed.

Earlier in the game, Rossouw clubbed long-range successive deliveries for four and six. He has 37 from 24 balls, Hendricks 44 from 25.

9th over: South Africa 87-1 (Hendricks 42, Rossouw 26) A wider delivery from Rashid is shouted to extra coverage for four by Hendricks, who strikes with such certainty and confidence. Rossouw then whistles a big six longer, in the River Taff, and there are 13 more. I feel like I’ve said it several times already tonight.

Reeza Hendricks hits one off the rope.
Reeza Hendricks hits one off the rope. Photography: Stu Forster/Getty Images

8th over: South Africa 74-1 (Hendricks 36, Rossouw 19) It looks like another 200+ party. Hendricks charges Moeen and drives another six more mid-off; in the two games at Bristol and Cardiff he hit 93 from 53.

7th over: South Africa 65-1 (Hendricks 28, Rossouw 18) Adil Rashid usually comes right after Powerplay and today was no exception. He beats the southpaw Rossouw with a delicious googly, although it was the only point ball in the top: 4×1, 1×3.

6th over: South Africa 58-1 (Hendricks 23, Rossouw 16) Speedy Ricky Gleeson replaces Moeen and quickly gives Rossouw the rush with a crisp, short delivery. Rossouw responds using the beat to help a leg stump delivery around the corner to six. An immaculate cover drive for four makes 13 from the top.

5th over: South Africa 45-1 (Hendricks 22, Rossouw 5) A yorker outside leg stump from Topley is sidelined for four by Rossouw, although the next ball is a snorter that trampolines beyond the rim. Topley has a decent Jaffa ratio.

In fact, the first delivery aside from that was great from Topley, with just one leg goodbye from the last five balls.

4th over: South Africa 40-1 (Hendricks 20, Rossouw 1)

COUNTER! South Africa 39-1 (de Kock v Roy v Ali 15)

Sound the corresponding horn. Jos Buttler brings in Moeen Ali with southpaw Quinton de Kock in mind, and de Kock obligingly hits the fifth ball halfway through.

Quinton de Kock serves a trolley to Jason Roy halfway through Moeen's bowling.  Left for 15.
Quinton de Kock serves a trolley to Jason Roy halfway through Moeen’s bowling. Left for 15. Photo: Geoff Caddick/AFP/Getty Images
Photography: James Marsh/Shutterstock

3rd over: South Africa 32-0 (de Kock 14, Hendricks 16) There is the first six, shot elegantly on the square leg by Hendricks off Curran. The next ball also goes for four, grazed easily at the thin leg.

I’m already starting to feel a little punch drunk, trying to describe all these boundaries, so Frick knows what it’s like to be the bowler. Thirteen from Curran’s second.

2nd over: South Africa 19-0 (de Kock 13, Hendricks 4) Reece Topley shares the new ball. He has a belt summer, with 19 wickets to 16 in both white ball formats, and jumped the queue for a place in the starting XI at World T20.

His first here is not the best. There are a few wides and then successive bounds for de Kock, thrown effortlessly to midwicket and coverage. Fourteen from the top.

Reece Topley is a bit temperamental with his first plus.
Reece Topley is a bit temperamental with his first plus. Photo: Geoff Caddick/AFP/Getty Images

1st over: South Africa 5-0 (de Kock 2, Hendricks 3) Curran arrives with that familiar cartoon grimace. There’s a hint of swing – perhaps an innuendo, no more than that – and the South African openers decide to peek for a few deliveries. Three singles, a two and a nice last delivery from Curran that beats Hendricks.

OK, the players are ready.the sun is shining and Sam Curran is holding a white ball in his hand.

County Championship

The top three in the Premier League have all won, meaning Surrey are still in charge of the title chase. Emma John was at the Oval to watch them beat champions Warwickshire in a riveting match.

Here is Simon Burnton’s report from last night

Team News

Both teams are unchanged, which makes my cut-and-paste job much easier.

England Roy, Buttler (c/wk), Malan, Bairstow, Ali, Livingstone, Curran, Jordan, Rashid, Topley, Gleeson.

South Africa de Kock (wk), Hendricks, Rossouw, Klaasen, Miller (c), Stubbs, Phehlukwayo, Rabada, Maharaj, Ngidi, Shamsi.

Jos Buttler has won a draw!

And England will play first. It’s the first draw Buttler has won in eight games.

Jos Buttler wins the toss and puts South Africa at bat.
Jos Buttler wins the toss and puts South Africa at bat. Photography: Stu Forster/Getty Images


England’s first T2o international match took place at Southampton on June 13, 2005, a joyous pre-Ashes occasion in which England hammered Australia and Darren Gough fended off the chance of a hat-trick so they could scold against Andrew Symonds. In this match, there were precisely three sixes, one from Kevin Pietersen and two from Paul Collingwood.

Things quickly escalated. Two years later, there were 14 in a match against the West Indies, and that was without Chris Gayle hitting any. England’s record for most sixes in a T20I has gone from strength to strength: 23 against Australia in 2013, 27 against Pakistan last year and last night 29 against South Africa .

Tonight we should expect another six-hit orgy in Cardiff. The boundaries are short, especially straight, and a number of hitters caught the eye last night. They may not break the record, but they will give it a good chance.

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