Discovery Insure launches firefighting service in Joburg

With a fire in Johannesburg every six hours, Discovery Insure has launched its own fire department in Johannesburg

Discovery Insure has partnered with Advanced Emergency Management Services (EMS) to launch a private firefighting initiative, called Fire Force.

The Discovery Fire Force will be available to customers in most of the Greater Johannesburg area.

He says he will add two additional, fully equipped fire trucks to the streets of Joburg. It will also provide several rapid response support vehicles.

This project is for Discovery customers whose vehicle, home or business may be affected by fire.

Discovery Insure CEO Anton Ossip said immediate assistance is crucial in the event of an unexpected accident.

“Immediate assistance makes all the difference when that accident you never thought you’d have actually happened. The new Fire Force offering is a true manifestation of Discovery’s core purpose of enhancing and protecting lives by keeping our customers and communities safe,” said Anton Ossip.

“As soon as an emergency call is received in our operations control center, we will first dispatch a rapid response vehicle equipped with an ultra high pressure (UHP) pump system while mobilizing resources additional. The UHP unit can be connected to a garden hose and provides a very effective first attack on house fires, car fires and other small fires.

Advanced EMS General Manager Hadley Shapiro is pleased with the joint partnership and firefighting in Joburg.

“We are thrilled to partner with Discovery Insure to bring Fire Force to life. We look forward to handling fire emergencies in the spirit of preserving life and protecting property in the Johannesburg Metro,” said Shapiro .

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