South African State Theater Presents Malcolm Jiyane on Dashiki Dialogues with Percy Mabandu

The South African State Theater has announced the second installment of Dashiki Dialogues with Percy Mabandu as he sits down for an inspired dialogue with the wonderful multi-instrumentalist Malcolm Jiyane. This episode of the Dashiki Dialogues takes place on June 10, 2022, at 7:00 p.m., at the iconic Malombo Theater of the South African State Theatre.

Jiyane is at the top of a premier league of young jazz masters who have defined South African music over the past decade. A highly sought-after collaborator, master trombonist with a unique voice, and virtuoso pianist who is also an imaginative composer, Jiyane has had a busy life both on and off the band stand.

Shaped by both the struggles of childhood and the artistic inspirations of the East Rand region of Johannesburg; Jiyane’s life reads like an emblem of how arts education saves children’s lives. As a child, he lived for a time at Kids Haven, a home for orphans and other children in need. He was then taken under the wing of the late great music teacher and trumpeter Johnny Mekoa, before becoming a world-touring musical marvel. His recently released record, Umdali, is the culmination of his story as a growing man and creative musician.

Dashiki Dialogues with Percy Mabandu is a series of conversations and performances that celebrate virtuosity and luxurious craftsmanship. The series brings renowned arts journalist and writer Mabandu into far-reaching, exploratory dialogues with leading creative men and women in art, jazz and beyond. The deep and meditative conversations are underscored by a solo performance by the featured artist showcasing his unrivaled ability as a virtuoso instrumentalist and craftsman.

Malcolm Jiyane is a composer and multi-instrumentalist best known for his work as a trombonist on some of South Africa‘s leading jazz bands. He is also an astute drummer and pianist. His recently released album, Umdali, quickly earned him worldwide notoriety among critics and jazz fans.

Jiyane was born in Daveyton Benoni (East Rand) and started playing music at the age of 16 at the Gauteng Academy of Music (Daveyton), a music school founded by the late DR Johnny Mekoa. He studied and passed Music Theory from the Royal School of Music London in Grade 1,3,5,6,8 and Grade 1,3,5,6,8 Practical Trombone and Advanced Jazz Trombone Performance . Jiyane has performed and traveled all over the world, Germany, Russia, New York, Sweden, Holland, France.

Over the years Jiyane has recorded worked with great artists such as Abdullah Ibrahim, Idris Alba, Simphiwe Dana, Feya Faku, The Passing Brother, Fra Fra Sound, Kevin Mahogany, Yusef Latiff, Ndunduzo Makhathini, Themba Mkhize, Unathi for n to name a few. . Also recorded with Herbie Tsoaeli (African time), Tumi Mogorrosi (project elo) Lindiwe Maxolo (time) Feya Faku (big band) sound & experience, Judith sepuma (live DVD). Spaza Uprize. Jiyane is also a painter and visual artist.

Percy Mabandu is a leading writer and journalist working at the intersection of art, jazz and political economy. He is the author of Yakhal’inkomo – Portrait of a Jazz Classic, a book on Winston Mankunku Ngozi’s 1968 classic record. In Dashiki Dialogues, Mabandu delves into exploratory dialogues with virtuoso craftsmen from art, music and beyond.

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