South African government to review R22 million flag project

The South African Department of Sports, Arts and Culture (DSAC) announced on Thursday that it would review its plans to build a “monumental flag” 100 meters high which was to cost 22 million rand.

The government’s plans have drawn outrage and criticism from citizens, political parties and other groups, with many saying the government was spending exorbitant sums while many have struggled to secure funding or aid from the ministry in over the past two years of COVID-19 lockdowns.

“The diversity of voices around this important heritage project is a welcome celebration of our country’s vibrant constitutional democracy and the freedoms that must be maintained beyond posterity. It also bodes well for one of the pillars of social cohesion, active citizenship.

“In upholding this philosophy and the inalienable right of citizens to be heard, the Minister of Sports, Arts and Culture has instructed his department to review the process related to the Monumental Flag in its entirety,” said a statement from press shared on Twitter.

Monumental flags are usually erected by countries to express their identity and pride and South Africa‘s intention to erect one was first announced in February 2022.

The department noted that the flag is the symbol of the “nationality” and “common identity” of the South African people.

Once built, the DSAC said the flag would become a national landmark and tourist attraction site that would serve to display the country’s brand image.

[ 1 US Dollar = 15.9884 South African Rand ]

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