UK philanthropist joins Aerial Recovery United Kingdom and appeals for UK support to help with ongoing rescue and safeguarding of Ukrainian orphans

LVIV, Ukraine, April 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Renowned Humanitarian Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor ECB has been appointed head of Aerial Recovery United Kingdom, the newly created UK branch of the US non-profit organization Aerial Global Community.

Aerial Recovery UK was created to facilitate and simplify the process by which UK-based individuals and organizations can help Aerial Recovery’s rescue and orphan support missions.

Allesch-Taylor operated in Ukraine as a member of the Aerial Recovery leadership team, working to coordinate the evacuation of orphanages from Ukrainefor several weeks.

The ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine trapped thousands of vulnerable orphaned children, behind or in the way of Russian military advances and bombardments, often in blockaded areas, in desperate situations without access to food, medicine, water or sanitation.

UNICEF estimates that more than 100,000 children live in orphanages or institutional homes in Ukraine. Russia war in Ukraine forced a million children to flee, but many institutionalized children remain trapped according to Save the Children. “These children are among the most vulnerable in Ukraine and face an increased risk of trafficking, abuse and other forms of exploitation,” Irina Saghoyan, Eastern Europe director for Save The Children said in a statement last week.

Since her appointment, Allesch-Taylor has provided medical equipment, transport vehicles, drivers, administrative staff, communications and strategic advice to support Aerial Recovery’s forward rescue teams.

Aerial Recovery has received official approval from the Ukrainian Military Administration and Lviv Oblast Children’s Services, headed by Volodymyr Lysto evacuate children from orphanages located in particularly dangerous places.

Over the past few weeks, Aerial Recovery, staffed mostly by former U.S. Special Forces veterans, has rescued more than 600 children from dangerous and dire conditions in Eastern Ukraine and moved them to safe areas in western Ukraine.

Another key part of Aerial’s mission is to protect children from human traffickers operating at the borders of Ukraine and the organization works hand in hand with the Ukrainian government to ensure that children are protected and, just as importantly, that they remain visible and taken into account.

Aerial Recovery UK invites organizations and individuals in the UK who can offer assistance to get in touch via email: [email protected]

Professor Stefan Allesch-Taylor CBE FKC FRSA

A highly experienced and multi-award winning philanthropist, Allesch-Taylor has led NGOs in challenging environments in Africa through which it has partnered with, among others, the UK FCDO, USAid and UNICEF. He is a recognized expert in humanitarian interventions.

Allesch-Taylor is an experienced financier and entrepreneur and is Professor of Entrepreneurship Practice at King’s College London. In 2017, a charity he chairs, Pump Aid was awarded ‘Charity of the Year’ (Aid and Development) at the UK Annual Charity Awards for its pioneering solution to poverty alleviation in water and food in Malawi. He worked extensively in the townships of Cape Town, South Africaproviding safe education, livelihood and support to over 6,000 children aged 2-6 to prepare them for school through its NGO, the Afri-Can Children’s Charity.

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