Do you have student loan debt? You are barely represented in Congress.

Americans who owe student loans are an underrepresented constituency in federal politics, Insider’s analysis of congressional finances reveals.

While large segments of the working-age population are burdened with student loans, even after controlling for age, their peers in Congress are extremely unburdened.

Insider investigated Congressional finances as part of the Conflicted Congress project which uncovered lawmakers’ numerous violations of the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge Act of 2012. In addition to potential conflicts of interest based on what members own , this analysis reveals that Congress can also be influenced by what they should not.

Of the 535 representatives serving in Congress in December, Insider found 44 House members and three senators who listed a student loan on their financial disclosure forms. But many of them came from spouses or were cosigned by their children: Putting those debts aside, only 22 House members and two senators appear to need to take out an individual student loan.

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