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Food and the financial industry rarely go together, unless you consider how much you can spend on lunch at the end of the month.

Known for his appearances on hit shows such as cheeky palace, as a food contributor on espresso on SABC3 and Celebrity mystery boxchef Lentswe Bhengu creatively prepares dishes under interesting circumstances.

He made scrumptious menus inspired by serious, in-depth issues on Phat Joe’s cheeky palace and her next assignment was for a #WeStart2022Stronger financial series for Metropolitan, hosted by Nomsa Buthelezi-Shezi.

Chief Lentswe said The citizen the world of finance is no stranger to him. The Michelin-starred chef studied his BCom in finance and lived a corporate life in investment marketing.

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He spent time at big companies such as Alan Gray in Cape Town and West Grow, doing the rounds in retail, banking and then larger scale government investments. He admits that his financial health improved after his departure.

“I’ve spent most of my time in business helping sort out or helping people’s finances, and honestly, I haven’t taken my finances seriously.” He only began to use business acumen when he became a chef and as a student, gaining knowledge of how to charge for his services and the cost of food.

Chef Lentswe said he learned most of this in culinary school and as a private chef it is important to know how to calculate your value.

So how does a chef fit into the #WeStart2022 Stronger content series? The program aims to equip consumers with the knowledge and tools to better manage their financial affairs.

All three episodes will educate the public about premium deductions, the claims process and sums insured in a less intimidating way for consumers.

Chef Lentswe designed menus from these topics for guests and his creative process was simple.

“What is the emotion behind the subject? What is the verb or the thought when I hear this subject? Order of debit I’m thinking of a fancy version of the pewter fish. At the end of the month, I’m afraid because the budget is tight, probably canned fish and tomatoes left in the cupboard. These keywords evoke an emotional reaction. He smashed those fears with food when it came to those money matters.

He further explains that other words such as investment – the money you put aside for a long time, translated into food, would be a slow cooker meal or a meal that tastes better the next day, like a curry.

For the debit orders episode, Chef Lentswe whipped the tongue with parsnip puree, mustard and juice. For dessert, an airy chocolate mousse covered with a sponge cake, a berry compote on top finished with a fancy sugar job.

Financial Tips from Chief Lentswe:

  • Never underpay your catering services in catering, private events with friends. “It depends on how much you invest, never on how much you spend,” he advises.
  • Stick to your rates and don’t agree to lower rates.
  • Allow customers to overpay. Chef Lentswe explains that these customers love your services and how you execute your product; it’s their way of showing their appreciation.

the We start 2022 stronger the series airs weekly and episodes are posted on metropolitan social media accounts.

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