Endurance22 expedition sets sail in search of Shackleton’s lost ship

Cape Town, South Africa, February 5, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust (“the Trust”) is pleased to confirm that the Endurance22 expedition, which aims to locate, survey and film the wreck of Endurance, the lost vessel of famed polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackletonleft as planned The capheaded for the Weddell Sea in Antarctic.

The expedition plans to be at sea for 35 days, but up to 45 days if necessary, and will operate from SA Needles II, the South African polar research and supply vessel icebreaker owned by the South African government and managed by the South African company African Marine Solutions (AMSOL). Doctor Jean Shearspolar geographer and explorer leads the expedition and Falklands-born marine archaeologist Mensun Bound is director of exploration.

The wreck is protected as a Historic Site and Monument under the Antarctic Treaty; the team will use state-of-the-art technology in the form of SAAB’s Sabertooth hybrid underwater search vehicles to locate, survey and film the wreckage without touching or disturbing it. The technology combines the attributes of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), capable of following a pre-programmed course with no physical connection to the surface, and Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs), sending digital signals via fiber optic cable to the surface in real time. During this expedition, the Sabertooths will remain attached at all times, to prevent their loss under the ice. The expedition has the ability to deploy the Sabertooths from the ship itself or from established ice camps on suitable pack ice using the two helicopters on board.

On the expedition website, endurance22.org, it is possible to follow the course of SA Agulhas II, get the latest expedition news and read social media posts from team members.

Education Awareness:

Like Shackleton himself, the Trust considers it important to communicate information about the expedition and the Antarctic environment to a global audience. Endurance22 aims to bring the story of Shackleton, his ship and his crew members to new and younger audiences. FMHT has partnered with video and content platform History Hit and digital content agency and media network Little Dot Studios, which will cover the events in real time and publish material on multiple digital channels and platforms. social media, as well as a consultancy film crew documenting the expedition for a premium long-form documentary. The abridged content will be distributed to millions of subscribers on History Hit TV, HistoryHit.com and History Hit’s podcast network and social channels, as well as the network of digital and social media accounts owned and operated by Little Dot Studios , including Timeline World History, Spark and True Stories. Renowned historian and lecturer, Dan Snowis on board to broadcast the many facets of a historic expedition to Antarctic such as this.

The expedition also includes a representative from Reach the World, the US-based education organization. RTW will connect young people in their classrooms directly with Explorers, through live interviews and regular updates and material and currently has over 700 registered classrooms.

Similarly, the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) plays an important role in Endurance22; engage students by producing free resources for use in the classroom. Resources will allow students to learn about changes in polar exploration and the different motivations people visit Antarcticas well as the unique frozen environment of this continent.

Scientific Research:

Shackleton and other polar explorers have made important contributions to our knowledge of the fragile environment of Antarctic. There is still much to learn about the continent and the impact of human activity on it. The Trust wants to raise awareness of the value of exploration, increase our environmental awareness and scientific study.

Scientists from various world-renowned research and educational institutions will participate in the expedition. Representatives of the South African Meteorological Service will deploy weather balloons, ocean floats and drifting buoys. In addition, the German company Drift & Noise will carry out important research on sea ice, while germany The Alfred-Wegener-Institut will both study sea ice and learn about the workings of deep-sea submersibles that will perform underwater research. A team from the German Space Agency (DLR) will also use high-resolution satellite images to map the sea ice from space. In addition, the Aalto University of Finland in partnership with South Africa Stellenbosch University will conduct a series of significant engineering experiments on the impact of sea ice thickness and strength on the hull and engines of the SA Needles II.

Donald LamontChairman of the Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust, said:
“This expedition is made up of polar explorers, scientists, educators and filmmakers of the highest caliber and we look forward to the next few weeks bringing to life one of the great stories of polar exploration as the team documents their findings.”

“The preparation has been thorough, but not without challenges, including COVID. The team has remained nimble and determined and that has taken us to where we are today; leaving The cap with Endurance’s location and study plan, as well as concurrently conducting scientific studies that we believe will play a significant role in furthering our understanding of ice conditions and climate change. The Trust is privileged to be able to organize the Expedition and hopes that Endurance22 will inspire and educate many people, young and old.”

Polar geographer and expedition leader, Dr. Jean Shearsnoted:
“We are very pleased to be heading to Antarctica today, a milestone moment for what we hope will be a truly historic expedition. I would like to thank the entire team, both those heading to Antarctic and the many important support functions, for their outstanding work over the last month during the final preparations, which have been thorough enough, and we leave The cap on the SA Agulhas II knowing that we have the best people and the best technology at our disposal. We are delighted to update the world on the progress of this remarkable Antarctic mission.”

Exploration Manager Mensun Bound said:
“Embarking on this expedition to locate the wreck of Endurance is incredibly exciting for everyone involved. We are so grateful to everyone who made this possible, and we will do everything in our power to shed more light on this inspiring story. We sincerely hope we can do justice to this magnificent chapter of polar exploration, by capturing footage of Shackleton’s iconic Endurance to share with the world.”

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