Mozzies bothering you? How to prevent mosquito breeding if you have a water tank

CapeTalk host Pippa Hudson chats with DIY expert Angelo d’Ambrosio.

  • Stagnant water is the first breeding ground for mosquitoes
  • DIY expert Angelo d’Ambrosio shares top tips for getting rid of pesky mozzies if you have standing water around your home

FILE: A JoJo water tank. Image: Provided

Mosquitoes love to lay eggs near standing water, including fountains, ponds, swimming pools and water tanks.

A Cape Town woman says her itchy family has been battling mozzies for weeks over the water tank on the property.

DIY expert Angelo d’Ambrosio says natural mosquito repellents can be placed in the water, such as olive oil, cinnamon oil, and apple cider vinegar.

“Remember, this will affect the taste of your water at some point,” he says.

A CapeTalk listener also suggested that floating a piece of aloe vera on water might also do the trick.

Another handy tip is to cover all access points to the water tank with mesh products, d’Ambrosio says.

If you have a pond, consider investing in small freshwater fish known as mosquito fish to help control mosquito larvae in the water.

They go straight to your ear and buzz all the time.

Angelo d’Ambrosio, DIY expert

They like stagnant or stagnant water – wet areas… If you have marshy areas around ponds, that’s where they breed.

Angelo d’Ambrosio, DIY expert

There are small fish that you buy, you put them in the water and they eat the larvae.

Angelo d’Ambrosio, DIY expert

None of these things are 100%.

Angelo d’Ambrosio, DIY expert

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