How to invest in 2022 – a year of rising interest rates and inflation

Africa Melane interviews wealth manager Michael Mare of Netto Investments.

Most people, looking back to 2021, would be happy with how their portfolios performed.

No one can say for sure which investments will pay off this year, but you can maximize your chances by making sure you invest appropriately, given your goals.

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This year, the world will almost certainly see higher interest rates and inflation – and more volatility in stock markets.

Africa Melane interviewed Netto Investments’ Wealth Manager Michael Mare about some of the top investment plans you should have in the New Year (scroll to listen).

We don’t try to predict what will give you the best return over the next year. We want to make sure that what you invest in is appropriate, given your goals… An event like Covid can happen… We make sure that when you diversify, you include the right asset classes…

Michael Mare, wealth manager – Netto Investments

When most people look at their wallets [2021], they should see a pretty good return…

Michael Mare, wealth manager – Netto Investments

Rate hikes are on the table, globally. There is also an increase in inflation… Stocks could be quite volatile over the next year… In a balanced portfolio… you shouldn’t worry too much…

Michael Mare, wealth manager – Netto Investments

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