Which cities on the continent are the most sought after by expats?

By Conrad Onyango – Bird Newsroom

If you’re looking for the best cities in Africa to work in and start a new life in 2022, Nairobi should be your top choice, then Cape Town, followed by Cairo and Johannesburg, reveals a new global report.

Nairobi, the capital of Kenya, has been classified first in Africa and 12th globally in the Expat City Ranking 2021 by InterNations, the largest expat community in the world. Expats place great importance on the social life of the city, characterized by a vibrant nightlife and the ease of finding affordable accommodation.

According to the Index, nearly four in five expats in Nairobi (78%) describe local residents as generally friendly compared to 69% globally, while 62% find it easy to make new friends compared to 48% in the world.

“Expats in Nairobi agree that 74% are satisfied with their social life, 17 percentage points above the global average (57%),” says the ranking which surveyed 12,420 respondents in 57 cities.

Nairobi overturns its African peers in the Getting Settled (fourth) and Finance and Housing (sixth) indices which rank among the top ten cities in the world.

More than eight in ten expats say they have no difficulty finding accommodation, 49% find affordable accommodation in Nairobi, and there is overall expat satisfaction with their job. financial position, disposable income and affordability.

Cape Town (41) also scores well in finance and housing (13th), settling (15th) and local cost of living (18th) with unlimited leisure options in the southern city. -African, helping expatriates to enjoy social life and to feel “at home”. .

“Cape Town even ranks third in the Leisure and Climate sub-category with 81% satisfied with local leisure options. A British expatriate notes that there is a “beautiful outdoor lifestyle thanks to the good weather”, explains the investigation report.

User-friendliness and low cost of living continue to resonate on the continent with also Cairo and Johannesburg although placed in the bottom ten of the general classification, showing better performances in creating friends and access to affordable food and housing.

Cairo (52) has its best ranking in the local cost of living index (7th), followed by the finance and housing index (19th) and the installation index (26th).

“Almost three in five expats say finding friends in Cairo is easy and 70% describe local residents as generally friendly, ”according to the survey.

Johannesburg closed the list of vibrant and exciting African cities to look out for, performing better in the ease of settling (29th) and finance and housing (24th) indices.

The three African cities – Cairo, Johannesburg and Cape Town rank among the bottom ten in terms of urban quality of life and urban working life indices – with the exception of Nairobi, which comes in 34th place in this last index.

However, most expats would like to see improvements in the public transport system in Nairobi, their job security and political instability in Cape Town, as well as health and the environment in Johannesburg and Cairo.

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