A new executive takes the reins of the City

Mayco’s new members were announced on Monday, November 22 in the city council chamber. PHOTO: provided

The saying goes “a new broom cleans” and that’s what Capetonians hope Cape Town’s new mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis and his newly elected Committee of Mayors (Mayco) will bring: change.

Hill-Lewis (35), who recently became the youngest in town to wear the mayor’s chain, kept six councilors in their previous portfolios while announcing new blood in the mix.

Announcing his new Mayco members in the Cape Town council chamber on Monday, November 22, Hill-Lewis said his team was chosen for their combination of “experience, skill, fresh energy and thoughtfulness.” .

“They know they have my full support and I’m excited about the future of Cape Town and everything we’re going to achieve together,” said Hill-Lewis.

He says their goal is to build a city that all Capetonians and South Africans are proud of.

“This team, as well as the senior management of the City, will have the main responsibility to realize this vision and this objective, in order to ensure that each resident benefits from a more caring, more inclusive, more prosperous, more united environment, more respectful, safer and more free city.

The new mayor says he will present to council a proposal to form a future planning team that will report to the mayor.

“This new team will bring together strategic planning, policy formulation and research, and foster a culture of policy innovation that will help Cape Town achieve its potential as one of the most innovative and exciting cities in the world.”

The municipal committee is announced on the basis of the current structure of the directorates.

  • Dr Zahid Badroodien is a member of Mayco responsible for water and waste, replacing Xanthea Limberg.
  • JP Smith remains a member of Mayco for safety and security.
  • Rob Quintas retains the position of Mayco Member for Urban Mobility (covering Roads and Transport Directorate).
  • James Vos is a member of Mayco for Economic Growth.
  • Grant Twigg is a member of Mayco for Urban Management.
  • Malusi Booi retains his post as Mayco member for human settlements.

The new members are:

  • Theresa Uys is a member of Mayco for business services.
  • Patricia van der Ross is appointed Mayco member for community services and health.
  • Siseko Mbandezi is a member of Mayco for finance.
  • Beverley van Reenen is a member of Mayco for energy.

Eddie Andrews is deputy mayor responsible for land use planning and the environment while Desiree Visagie is appointed chief whip.

Andrews says he’s “humbled” and “excited” to take on his new role.

“Holding public office does not only require steadfastness and dedication, we must also support each other in our collective quest to do more for the citizens of Cape Town. This level of support requires extreme discipline to focus on results and to maintain traction to ensure that we make progress possible together. I want to be there, I want to connect with the communities and the residents, and I want to hear their challenges and their hopes, because it will help me understand where and what needs to be done.

Talk to People’s post About its vision, according to Van Reenen, in recent years, Eskom has denied job seekers, entrepreneurs and investors of opportunities “because of their dismal failure to end the load shedding.” Van Reenen adds that in addition to a failing national state and crumbling Eskom infrastructure, our country’s energy future remains bleak.

She says, however, that this will not be the future of Cape Town.

“Together with the city administration, my vision is that Cape Town will be an energy secure city capable of providing an uninterrupted supply of electricity to residents and businesses. A city that has a thriving energy sector led by independent power producers and a city that invests in renewable energy as our commitment to protect the environment for future generations while using the green economy as a component of the recovery and of post-Covid-19 employment creation. “

Van der Ross says she envisions a direction that enables individual development which in turn supports the well-being of communities, especially those in vulnerable settings by improving the accessibility and effectiveness of community services.

“This will include maintenance programs and upgrades to recreation facilities, parks and libraries and the establishment of quality information services that build knowledge and skills. This vision will also be the key to how we manage the city’s health services and community development programs with our partners. “

She says advancing towards and understanding post-Covid-19 development and well-being needs is essential for addressing the various challenges in the community and seizing new opportunities.

The founder of the activist group Stop CoCT, Sandra Dickson, welcomes the new members. She says “the Mayco team was in serious need of a makeover.”

Dickson, however, questioned whether Badroodien was the right candidate for the water and waste portfolio.

“Mayco’s new member for water and waste is inexperienced, and one cannot help but question the intention of the new mayor not to assign someone with more knowledge and experience to this important wallet. Since the drought, the water service has grown by leaps and bounds, but remains largely inefficient until today. Complaints about water meters, water bills and other issues in this department are still daily.

She urged the new finance member to “take a look at the City’s archaic billing system.”

“There is also the problem of the billions of rand that the city’s finance department is accumulating at the expense of service delivery. It is time for the city’s finance department to be held accountable and held accountable for being more open to answers to questions from the public. “

Dickson expressed the importance of a “transparent and accountable” Mayco.

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