Bonginkosi Ndima becomes the first black Mr Gay World South Africa [photos]

When Louw Breytenbach won the Mr Gay World 2021 title on October 30, the vacant Mr Gay World South Africa post had to be filled as soon as possible. Bonginkosi “Bongs” Ndima received the Mr Gay World South Africa 2021 scarf and crown on November 14, succeeding Louw Breytenbach. Ndima is South Africa’s first black Mr Gay World.

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Bonginkosi Ndima officially received the Mr Gay World South Africa 2021 Title. The coronation ceremony took place on Saturday November 14 in Pretoria. Ndima succeeded Louw Breytenbach who is currently Mr. Gay World 2021.

According to MamaOnline, Ndima was born and raised in Eshowe, KwaZulu-Natal. The 37-year-old has a certificate in digital marketing and is a personal trainer, small business owner and video editor.

He described himself as “a man of substance”. “I am compassionate, motivated and a go-getter,” he said.


Ndima goes down in history as first black man to hold the title of Mr Gay World South Africa. He said it was a revolutionary achievement and he hopes to inspire others.

“I hope that in the future it will encourage more queer black people to participate, get involved and have a voice. But above all to solidify that being gay is not anti-African and that it exists in our culture.

When asked why he thought it took so long to have a colored Mr Gay World South Africa, Ndima explained that he thought exposure might be the main problem.

“Not many people know about the competition, especially black gays. However, I believe there are a few black faces that entered but didn’t make it to the top. Those who knew probably didn’t want to expose themselves. .

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Ndima is also a mental health advocate who runs his own foundation which aims to raise awareness about mental health issues.

As Mr Gay World South Africa, Ndima hopes to try to change perceptions about therapy, personal care and mental health for men.

“Some don’t even know they [are] cross over until it’s too late. South African men are four times more likely to kill themselves than women, and many of these men are gay men.

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