Phalatse promises to cut power to electronic toll gates if she becomes mayor of Johannesburg

Democratic Alliance (DA) Johannesburg mayoral candidate Mpho Phalatse promises to cut power to the toll gates if elected.

The party says it has been informed that the South African National Roads Agency Limited (Sanral) is currently in arrears with City Power.

Sanral is the guardian of the electronic toll system and of all the gateways in the province.

“Currently, City Power supplies the gantries with electricity. Under normal circumstances, Sanral would have to pay the bills for this service.

“But with Sanral late, that means the city of Johannesburg is not collecting revenue for this service, and the cost of maintaining these gantries is piling up. [on]to residents, ”Phalatse said.

If the DA is elected to rule Johannesburg, Phalatse’s plan includes cutting power to electronic toll gates in areas such as William Nicol Drive and Rivonia.

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Phalatse said this would “effectively collapse the electronic toll system in strategic nodes, based on Sanral’s non-payment.”

“We cannot allow the people of Johannesburg to suffer more from a shortage of services because the national government is not taking its responsibilities and paying its bills,” she said.

Phalatse hit the incumbent mayor Mpho Moerane, who pledged to protect Johannesburg residents from power outages last week.

“Every mayor of a municipality has a responsibility to protect its residents, especially when it comes to their interests in providing basic services. It is obvious that a mayor like Mpho Moerane, who was caught lying last weekend about protecting the people of Johannesburg against the load shedding, is not meant to be a responsible mayor.

Sanral’s non-payment deprives City Power of much-needed revenue to fix aging and failing infrastructure, she said

“With less income, it’s the people of Johannesburg who suffer outages that last for weeks because City Power doesn’t have enough funds to clear their own infrastructure backlog,” Phalatse said.

Although some residents conscientiously pay their tariffs and taxes, there are constant blackouts throughout the city.

“As mayor, I will be responsible for ensuring that basic services are provided and that all municipal funds are used responsibly,” Phalatse promised.

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