New mayor and MMC announced

On Friday October 1, the new executive mayor of the city of Johannesburg, Councilor Mpho Moerane, confirmed the composition of his 10-member municipal committee (MMC) shortly after taking the oath.

Milly Matlou of Mayoral Communications said in a statement that the choice of CMMs falls within the framework of the theme of continuity in the implementation of the priorities of the Government of Local Unity (GLU). These are aligned with the Johannesburg Growth and Development Strategy (GDS) 2040.

“Our task for the next 30 days is to ensure that there is more progress and continuation of the service delivery initiatives that are currently underway,” said Mayor Moerane.

He pointed out that only the Department of Environmental Infrastructure and Services has been assigned a new CMM – Councilor Tanya Oldjohn, who is currently chair of the Article 79 Committee on Environmental Infrastructure and Services.

Mayor Moerane described Councilor Oldjohn’s appointment as an important step in advancing minority representation on the City’s executive, adding that she brings a lot of experience that will add value to the assigned portfolio. .

In the interest of cementing the continuity of accelerated service delivery in the city, Mayor Moerane said nine of the CMMs will return to the committee in their respective portfolios.

According to the statement, Councilor Matshidiso Mfikoe returns to Finance, Councilor Thomas Mofokeng to Economic Development, Councilor Mlungisi Mabaso to Housing and Councilor Helen Makhuba to Transport.

Councilor Eunice Mgcina returns to Health and Social Development, Councilor Mally Mokoena to Public Safety, Councilor Loyiso Masuku to Group Shared Services and Councilor Thapelo Amad is back to Development Planning.

“It is now up to me and the newly sworn-in MMCs to pick up the fallen spears of our mayors and address the service delivery challenges that remain in the next 30 days of the current term,” added Mayor Moerane.

“The new sworn-in leader is ready to continue serving the people of Johannesburg, even if only for 30 days. To demonstrate this, while being responsive, efficient and responsible leadership, we were in the city center for a clean-up campaign in response to a call from local residents regarding areas needing urgent attention, ”he concluded. .

On behalf of the management and board of directors of City Power, lawyer Lindiwe Maseko, chair of the board of directors of City Power Johannesburg wishes to congratulate Councilor Moerane on his election as executive mayor of the city of Johannesburg.

“This is a joyous occasion tempered only by the grim loss of the former executive mayors, Councilor Geoff Makhubo and Councilor Jolidee Matongo. We wish to echo the sentiments of Councilor Moerane in accepting his new responsibility in honor of the deceased mayors, and we are committed to serving the administration of the new executive mayor with renewed dedication, ”she concluded.

“The election of advisor Moerane and his new management ensures continuity of governance and service delivery. We can say this with confidence because City Power has had the privilege of working closely with it as MMC for infrastructure and environmental services.

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