Falmouth’s new police station is getting closer to reality

Falmouth Police Station.

FALMOUTH – Plans to renovate Falmouth Police Station are about to become a reality.

The city’s board of directors recently heard a presentation from Falmouth Police Chief Edward Dunne and Chief Financial Officer Jennifer Mullen, who outlined the project and budget.

The estimated cost of the new station is $ 1.8 million, of which $ 1.3 million is forecast for construction costs.

The money also includes improvements to heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment.

A selected board member, Megan English Braga, said the renovations were not just about aesthetics.

“Sometimes when people hear about renovations, they think you’re just trying to spruce up a place. But the building is archaic in the way it’s laid out, I don’t think there’s a better way to put it, ”said Braga.

“For the size of our service and the volume, there are safety concerns for the way you move around this building which I think this renovation solves. “

In its current configuration, many departments overlap in the building, forcing people to walk through the main offices to access the meeting room and creating privacy concerns for those working with domestic violence lawyer Carmen Espinoza.

A new generator is also under consideration for the department which would be part of the renovation project, as the current one is about 15 years old.

“We had problems. As you know, when we had storms the police department was on generator for three days before, and we had some issues with that and it probably should be prepared, ”said Chief Dunne.

“He also manages dispatch, because we are in the same building. If we break down with the generator, we lose communications with the police and the fire department. “

Police and finance officials will continue to brief the city and the board of directors as the project continues in its preparatory stages.

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