Prison authorities deny allegations that Leeuwkop inmate became bound to wheelchair following circumcision operation

The Department of Corrections has denied allegations of botched surgery on an inmate.

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  • Prison authorities deny allegations that an inmate became bound to a wheelchair after his circumcision surgery at the facility.
  • It is alleged that the inmate fell very ill after the circumcision.
  • According to prison authorities, the pains were caused by complications that cannot be disclosed due to patient confidentiality.

The Department of Corrections (DCS) has denied allegations that an inmate at Leeuwkop Prison in Johannesburg became bound to a wheelchair after medical staff at the facility operated on him for a circumcision.

According to a fellow inmate, the man was in good health before the operation he was performed at the prison in 2019.

“I really think the nurses did something terribly wrong when they circumcised him because of the way he was crying,” the source said.

He said:

We thought his pains would go away after a while, but even though other inmates were healed, he still complained of severe pain.

He added that the facility authorities had been made aware of the inmate’s pain, apparently to no avail.

He claimed that medical staff did not help the inmate until later in 2020, when he realized that the inmate’s genitals had turned blue and he was having difficulty walking.

“When the staff realized he had done something wrong, they started offering him money so that he could not tell other people about this problem,” he accused.

“Patient confidentiality”

However, the department denied the allegations, saying the inmate’s pain was caused by other complications.

“The Department of Corrections incarcerates inmates in a humane and secure environment,” said DCS spokesperson Zandile Mabunda.

“The offender expressed his concerns about the pain, and he was treated by the doctor who confirmed that the pain was not caused by circumcision, but by other complications which cannot be disclosed due to patient confidentiality, ”added Mabunda.

She said the ministry was not aware of the allegations of a bribe of R 2,000 offered to the offender.

Mabunda said:

Any allegation of corruption must be reported, and once reported, an investigation will be initiated to determine what to do next.

The source told New24 that the detainee was transferred to a government facility outside the center due to the seriousness of his condition and that they have not seen him since.

However, the ministry said this was not true.

“We can confirm that the offender is still serving his sentence at Leeuwkop Correctional Center. He continues to receive medical treatment at the center or at government facilities when the need arises,” Mabunda added.

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