Zuma wants justice for all South Africans, says Mzwanele Manyi

Former South African President Jacob Zuma.

  • Former president Jacob Zuma wants justice, according to his spokesman, Mzwanele Manyi.
  • Manyi spoke to Newzroom Afrika on Sunday about her new role.
  • According to him, Zuma’s voice was suppressed in the media.

Former President Jacob Zuma’s battles, accused of corruption, with the Zondo Commission and the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) are not just about himself, but all South Africans must ensure that justice is served .

This is what Mzwanele Manyi, his new doctor specializing in spins, says.

Zuma’s voice was “muffled”, and that is why Manyi took on the role of his spokesperson: “Giving a voice to the voiceless”.

Manyi spoke to Ayanda Nyathi of Newzroom Afrika on Sunday afternoon about her new role, which also includes that of spokesperson for the Jacob G Zuma Foundation.

“During all these years, President Zuma’s voice has been stifled,” he said.

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Manyi added that Zuma was last convicted in court in 1963, but was continually publicly criticized and viewed as a constitutional offender.

He said South Africans “suffered from the misconception” that Zuma was shirking responsibility.

According to Manyi, Zuma actually wanted to appear before the commission and he was also not fleeing prosecution or using Stalingrad’s tactics in the corruption case against him.

“It’s just that Associate Chief Justice Raymond Zondo, who chairs the commission, and lawyer Billy Downer, SC, who is leading its prosecution, are in conflict.


“The time has come to put President Zuma’s version on the table,” he said, alleging that the media had not fairly covered his protests against Zondo and Downer.

“You, as the media, did not respond to what President Zuma said,” Manyi added, claiming that the media had done everything in their power to “suppress President Zuma’s point of view. “.


Mzwanele Manyi.

He said Zuma wanted to go to the committee, but only if Zondo was not chairing the session.

In his next court appearance on bribery charges related to the sale of weapons on July 19, Zuma would put the fuse in the political plot against him, Manyi added.

“President Zuma is someone who wants justice done,” he said, saying Zuma had fought his whole life to achieve this goal.

“He is doing it not only for himself, but for the people of South Africa, to say that there must be justice. Right now he sees another miscarriage of justice.”

News24 has reported extensively on Zuma’s files in the court case to remove Downer, as well as his arguments in favor of Zondo’s recusal.

Manyi, a former government spokesperson, is also the political leader of the ATM political party.

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