Western Cape government calls for Cape Town harbor challenges to be addressed

Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities of the Western Cape David Maynier asked the Port Consultative Committee (PCC) to consider its suggestions for improving the operational performance of the Port of Cape Town.

This follows the seventh annual Port of Cape Town Performance Roadshow, which took place on June 3.

The roadshow allowed port users to review and provide information on port plans, capital expenditure plans and port performance, which are then taken into consideration by the Ports Regulator of South Africa.

The PCC is a statutory body set up by the government to ensure that all economic actors in the country’s major ports have equal access and contribution to the management of port infrastructure and associated resources.

The Western Cape government suggests that a Port Task Force be put in place to bring together stakeholders across the port logistics value chain to find solutions to the challenges facing the port.

Maynier believes that users of the Port of Cape Town are being charged excessive costs that are 146% higher than the sample’s world average, yet the port ranks at the bottom of the world rankings in terms of performance.

While the Western Cape government acknowledges that the past year has been a particularly difficult time for the Port of Cape Town, given the impacts of Covid-19, it nonetheless believes a lot could be done to ensure continued investment and maintenance infrastructures.

Maynier is concerned about the National Ports Transport Authority’s underutilization of capital over the past fiscal year. He believes it is essential to tackle this problem so that the larger capital budgets of the new fiscal year are spent to address current inefficiencies.

He is also concerned about the under-utilization of the Polyvalent Terminal, where the operational availability of the two old mobile port cranes is a considerable constraint.

Maynier is therefore delighted with the recent delivery of five straddle trucks ordered by Transnet, which will go a long way in improving the efficiency of container handling at the terminal.

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