The oil and gas industry should host African Energy Week to define a support program for our oil and gas industry ahead of COP26


This boycott of Africa in favor of Dubai must not be accepted and promoted by the oil and gas industry and African governments

MAPUTO, MOZAMBIQUE / ACCESSWIRE / June 7, 2021 / Africa Oil Week’s move to Dubai, away from its home in Cape Town, is wrong, short-term in its thinking and sends a negative message to Africa. This decision underestimates our readiness to host events that define our future success in the economic and energy sector. Imagine the Africa Cup of Nations football tournament being held in Dubai because a company says Africa is no longer the right place due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Africa Oil Week has always been seen as a crucial gathering for African NOCs and international CIOs to interact as well as a forum for African governments to discuss policy decisions and seek input from the oil and gas industry. In 2021, this particular conference would take place at a crucial time, as the debate on net zero gas emissions by 2050 threatens the future economic developments of several African countries.

This year’s Africa Oil Week was to, among other very relevant issues, enable Africans and its energy sector to craft a narrative for COP 26 that takes into account the development and poverty reduction goals of our producing countries. and not oil and gas producers. We cannot give up in Africa. We should build our own platform with Africa Energy Week in October.

“I am deeply concerned about the decision to move Africa Oil Week to Dubai under the pretext of protecting participants from COVID-19 contamination in Cape Town. Their apologies and their final decision to move are both unacceptable and wrong. things are tough because of COVID-19, Africa should be ditched for other places regardless of the loyalty and sponsorship that Africa has shown for over two decades, ”said Florival Mucave, president of the Mozambique Oil & Gas Chamber.

“When you take away business or business opportunities from Africa, you take away jobs and opportunities from Africans. Africa Oil Week has made its decision, it behooves us to demonstrate that as a continent we are able and willing to organize a conference that proudly presents the African oil and gas industry and takes into account all COVID-19 protocols and preventive measures, ”continued Mucave.

“I have a lot of respect and admiration for Dubai and its remarkable socio-economic development. However, Dubai and Africa cannot be interchangeable when it comes to the social development of the African continent. Africa deserves partners who are fully committed to developing its precious resources and potential “concluded Mucave.

This boycott of Africa in favor of Dubai must not be accepted and promoted by the oil and gas industry and African governments. With the signing of the Paris Agreement, which called for an unprecedented commitment to decarbonize economies, the African oil and gas industry came under tremendous pressure and unprecedented calls were made for investors and energy companies stop investing in African oil and gas.

Important discussions on how we in Africa can work with government and upstream businesses to create an environment that attracts required oil and gas investment, local content in a post COVID-19 Africa, economic diversification, financing of our gas developments, the financing of independents in the acquisitions of assets of the main CIOs, the licensing cycles and also climate change should take place in Africa and not in Dubai.

Mozambique’s energy sector believes that an energy conference in Cape Town in October will address key issues such as making our regulatory and fiscal framework attractive for investments, making deals with international and local companies, governments outlining new projects and agreements, solidifying Africa’s narrative for COP26, and being strong with our oil and gas sector is essential.

An African Energy Week in Cape Town is expected to unite governments, oil and gas companies, financial institutions, service companies, marginal field producers, commercial banks and more. This meeting is vital for the success of the energy sector on our continent.

Distributed by APO Group on behalf of the Mozambique Oil and Gas Chamber (CPGM).

Marie-Noëlle Samake
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