Telkom’s only gift to an MP – a Samsung S8 smartphone for Julius Malema

The Joint Committee on Ethics and Interests of Members of Parliament has published its register of financial interests of Members for 2019, which includes many freebies from telecommunications companies.

The purpose of the registry is to ensure transparency and to instill public confidence in Parliament.

All deputies (deputies) are required to declare significant holdings in companies, shares held and gifts received.

By making this information public through the registry, people will theoretically be able to get a better view of the factors that can influence the actions or words of an MP.

While many MPs take this seriously and have provided detailed descriptions of their interests, others have not disclosed their interests before the required deadline.

The committee is now considering imposing sanctions on MPs who have not disclosed their interests.

MyBroadband looked at the freebies that big telecom companies like Vodacom, MTN and Telkom gave to MPs during the reporting period.

Telkom only gave one MEP one gift: a Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone worth R11,000 to EFF leader Julius Malema.

MTN has donated various goods to good causes sponsored by Members of Parliament. The freebies included bicycles, school shoes and projectors for schools.

MTN’s only personal gift to an MP was a bottle of 18-year-old Glenfiddich single malt whiskey from MTN SA CEO Godfrey Motsa to Finance Minister Tito Mboweni.

Vodacom was more generous and sponsored Durban July, Cape Town Jazz Festival and tickets for football matches to many MPs.

The table below gives an overview of the gifts of Vodacom, MTN and Telkom declared by the deputies.

Gifts, hospitality and benefits to Members
Company deputy Party Gift Value
Telkom Jules Malema FEP Samsung galaxy s8 11,000 rand
MTN Tito Mbowéni ANC Glenfiddich 18 year old single malt whiskey 1000 rand
Vodacom Obed bapela ANC Vodacom Durban July tickets 10,000 rand
Vodacom Obed bapela ANC Cape Town Jazz Festival 8,000 rand
Vodacom Barbara creecy ANC Flowers R400
Vodacom Cedrick Frolick ANC Cape Town Jazz Festival 8,000 rand
Vodacom Pinky kekana ANC Vodacom Durban July tickets Unknown
Vodacom Mmamoloko Kubayi-Ngubane ANC Vodacom Durban July tickets R4,800
Vodacom Charlie mathale ANC Vodacom Durban July tickets 14 142 R
Vodacom Thulas Nxesi ANC Three tickets to a football match R3.950
Vodacom Lindiwe Zulu ANC Flowers R500
Vodacom Lindiwe Zulu ANC Vodacom Durban July tickets 3,000 rand
Vodacom Holomisa bantu UDM Vodacom Durban July tickets Unknown

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