On the occasion of Africa Day, Casablanca Finance City (CFC) tackles preconceived ideas on the continent

Casablanca, Morocco – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – Casablanca Finance City (CFC) (https://CasablancaFinanceCity.com), the leading financial center in Africa, celebrates Africa by producing a web-TV program, CFC Talks – Special Africa Day (https: // bit.ly / 3vMGMl0), to fight against preconceived ideas on the continent and raise awareness of its potential by offering a positive outlook on African realities, without however ignoring the challenges facing Africa.

“The transformation Africa has undergone over the past decades has been remarkable. In Casablanca Finance City, we want to play our part to change the story ”, said Mr. Said Ibrahimi, CEO of CFC, whose community includes more than 200 member companies.

Aimed at a continental and international audience and posted online Tuesday, May 25, CFC Talks – Special Africa Day (https://bit.ly/3vMGMl0) gave the floor to a panel of experts and investors. These “African believers” provided insight into their successes in Africa and the continent’s potential for digital transformation, infrastructure and financing for sustainable growth.

Describing the success of mobile payment in Africa, Mr. Lacina Koné, Managing Director of Smart Africa, highlighted the continent’s decisive contribution in this area: “In Africa today we own about 63% of mobile money. Mobile payment originated in Africa in the context of Africa and dominates the world today. This demonstrates the capacity of the countries of the South to set an example for those of the North. “

Commenting on Africa’s priority infrastructure needs, Mr. Raza Hasnani, Managing Director, Head of Infrastructure Investments at Africa50, said: “Infrastructure should be a key component of any post-pandemic recovery program. Given the limited resources of governments, attracting capital from the private sector is essential to bridge the financial gap. “

The future of Africa after the crisis was at the heart of the discussions. “During the pandemic, the African Union brought together the continent’s heads of state and finance ministers every week to jointly shape the new framework to raise more funds and define our needs. What we are celebrating is the start of United Africa Day, Africa Day is United Africa Day ”, said Lionel Zinsou, former Prime Minister of Benin and co-founder of SouthBridge Group.

Link to watch the full show: https://bit.ly/3wHjPQn.

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About FCAC:

Casablanca Finance City (CFC) is an African financial and business center committed to the future of the continent. CFC is ideally located and equipped to connect with other business centers and markets around the world.

CFC provides a stable environment, localized expertise and a support network to access Africa’s opportunities while alleviating its complexities.

The 200 members of the CFC operate in 50 African countries from Casablanca, in a warm welcome, a Mediterranean coastal climate and exceptional natural beauty.

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