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LEXINGTON PARK, Maryland – In response to COVID-19, self-paced teams in southern Maryland are demonstrating the dynamic collaboration and adaptive thinking that characterize innovative communities. A three-part webinar series is being held in June and July to learn from these teams and unleash the talent and resources of all who want to help Southern Maryland thrive, in this crisis and beyond.

“This is something unique in that it is an opportunity to showcase real and tangible examples of the innovative and creative forces that we all know exist here in our region,” said Katherine Stormont of the St. Mary’s County Economic Development Department in an email. . “Instead of theoretical conversations, this effort begins with success stories of how smart, caring people came together and figured out how to meet the needs emerging from the COVID crisis. It then continues by offering a ‘class of master “on how to form these types of teams and collectively identify areas of need within the community.”

In the first webinar, Innovating in Crisis, three local success stories of collaboration and innovation to support people on the frontlines and others in crisis will be highlighted. Participants will also share and learn about additional community needs.

Matt Scassero, director of the UAS test site at the University of Maryland, and Kevin Switick, CEO of AVIAN, will host each webinar from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. The dates of the webinar are as follows:

“Our hope is to empower others to think about how to engage in problem solving using the skills and ideas gained from this discussion,” said Stormont.

This series is organized by the smART Collaboration Working Group, with members representing government, industry, academia and non-profit organizations.

Learn more and register here: https://www.paxpartnership.com/the-art-of-collaboration/

* NOTE: If attendees require Internet access to attend the webinar, St. Mary’s County Libraries have Wi-Fi hotspots in their parking lots.

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