The best rewards-based gaming app

It’s no surprise that we love finding new ways to make money here at Your Money Geek, and we’re excited to tell you about GameHag, our favorite new gaming app that earns you real money.

If you’re looking for a way to earn a little extra cash while having fun, look no further than GameHag. This is an application perfectly designed for game lovers. Seriously. Whether you like RPG games or arcade and strategy games, you will find the one that is right for you.

How GameHag works

First, download the GameHag application on google play then start playing games. As you play daily games on the app, you will start to accumulate “soul stones”, which are the form of points in the app. You can also earn Soul Gems by completing tasks and interacting with the app’s extremely active community. Once you have accumulated enough Soul Gems, you can start cashing them out for rewards.

Now you are probably wondering, “What kind of rewards? Excellent question! GameHag offers a comprehensive catalog of some of the best rewards we’ve ever seen on a gaming app. You can redeem your Soul Gems for Prepaid Mastercards, Crypto Vouchers, Amazon Gift Cards, or you put them in serious gaming rewards.

That’s right; you can get rewards like fall guys game keys, Nintendo Switches, 12 months of Xbox Live, and so many other amazing bribes. And all you have to do is play games on GameHag and earn enough Soul Gems to cash in those more expensive prizes.

If you have free time or like to play games to fight insomnia, this app is for you. It’s kind of like our other favorite gaming app Mist gameso it’s no surprise that we’re also fans of GameHag.

Other features of GameHag

Another fun aspect of GameHag is the incredible prize chests they offer monthly. You can buy different chests each month that contain hidden prizes. For example: at the moment you can buy “The Witcher Chest” for 350 Soul Gems, and you might find 1000 Soul Gems, The Witcher: Enhanced Edition and other entertainment. On the theme of the witcher complements.

GameHag Chest Rewards

Are you a fan of The walking dead? If you play The Walking Dead: Road to Survival game, make purchases and redeem your points, you can earn 960 Soul Gems (if you are a new user). Maybe you don’t feel like playing games – GameHag is here for you. You can take surveys on the app that can earn you between 384 and 672 Soul Gems.

Of all the cash in gaming apps we reviewed, GameHag ticks all the boxes. It’s easy to use, always up to date, and the incentives are out of this world.

The bottom line

If you like to play games every day, GameHag will be the perfect app to fit into your daily rotation. There is such a variety of games available on the app that you will be able to find something you like every day. From browser games to mobile games, virtual reality games and even classic arcade, strategy and puzzle games, there is something for everyone.

Look, if you’re not here to earn it, you’re not going to be making a lot of Soul Gems. GameHag’s premise centers around spending a lot of free time playing games, taking surveys, and interacting with the community on the app.

If you don’t have the time to devote to these tasks, you are not rich. But with a little dedication and enjoyable games, you’ll be on your way to earning gift cards, game codes, and so many different fun rewards.

Download GameHag on your mobile device or open it on your desktop web browser. Signing up is easy, and there are so many great games and features available for newbies.

Download Gamehag




  • Awesome rewards
  • Discover new games
  • Lots of genres to play

The inconvenients

  • It takes time to win
  • The length of the task varies
  • Some tasks require money

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