Kraken Coffee Drive Through Food Truck is open with free coffee on Saturdays


Kraken is open for business like a coffee truck that enjoys pumping its music into the Kihei Station food truck batch on Piikea every day from 6 a.m. Matt and Magna Pigneiro and Josh and Duangjai Marten have teamed up to bring you this new concept of local coffee. They chose a low acidity Maui blend and serve 4 standard shots in their 20 ounce coffees.

“The name was inspired by being related to Blackbeard the Pirate,” says Josh Marten. “Being a descendant of Edward Teach himself, we wanted to develop something eye-catching, a name that both teaches and grabs you! What better way to catch you than the tentacles of the kraken. We try to bring 2 things to Maui: one is easily accessible by car through coffee stalls with the service and aloha that sometimes seems overlooked here. We play catchy dance music outside while people are driving. Number two is to give a great coffee experience with very well trained baristas. Not only do we provide great service, our coffee is different. We want you to feel like you’ve already had your coffee before you even leave. ”

They also have a very unique burrito, the loco moco breakfast burrito. It comes with gravy inside and on the side. They also serve vegan pastries and banana bread from the Maui Bread Company bakery. The on-tap Kombucha they serve is made by a local company Vitality. They really focused on a coffee blend that won’t bother.

“We have cold draft kombucha and nitro brews that are amazing,” says Marten. “We have smoothies with fresh fruit. We make unique coffee drinks that you won’t find anywhere. Our coffee is special because we use a blend of coffee that not only contains real Maui coffee beans, but is lower in acid. It will not upset the stomach. Coffee from large, even small, companies is sometimes so dark and sour that people have stomach problems when they drink it. We have therefore found a blend that offers an even better taste without the serious acidity issues of other coffees. We hope to revolutionize the coffee industry and plan to open these coffee trucks all over Hawaii and then to the mainland. “

In addition to their very special coffee blend, they have a standout style ranging from the logo and t-shirts to the exterior of the truck. The Kraken is a mythical sea beast that appears to share DNA with the octopus. It has long been a favorite theme for traditional tattoo artists and vintage illustrations. Kraken Coffee Maui gave their kraken an edgy island tone and branded it on t-shirts, coffee bags, hats and more.

“Our unique branding, unique coffee and exceptional customer service will totally change the way people receive their coffee,” says Marten. “It’s not your quiet, stuffy coffee in the library.” This is in your face to release your inner kraken inside your body and make you feel awesome from the moment you drive or use our walk-in window. We have t-shirts, mugs, hats and even sell our coffee beans. Our level of service and our commitment to quality are very high. ”

You will have a golden opportunity to try Kraken Cafe this Saturday where they will be celebrating their opening with free coffee for all kama’aina (with HI ID), and 50% off for everyone, along with many other schwag gifts.

The grand opening will take place from 10 am to 2 pm on February 9 with free coffee for anyone with a Hawaiian ID, ”says Marten. “We really wanted to give back to the community and show our appreciation to all residents of Maui. We will have free gifts and a DJ. “

For more information, see their Facebook page. (1 avenue Piikea, Kihei) 808-495-1885




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