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Our homes have changed a lot over the past twenty years. With the rapid evolution of computer technology, environmental sustainability becoming more and more important and, perhaps most importantly, internet access becoming an essential public service, homes in the UK are starting to look very different. during the two decades since the turn of the millennium.

Uswitch took a trip back in time to remember the home gadgets we all relied on in 2000, the best tech we have now in 2020, and what we plan to change in the world. following 20 years, as we approach the middle of this century, in 2040.

Here are our 21st century homes so far …

The house of 2000

Technology moves so fast that we often forget to stop and think about how quickly our gadgets have evolved. Here is the technology we remember from the house of 2000.

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Although the World Wide Web was invented long before 2000, access to the Internet at home was still a “good to have” rather than a necessity. With a slow internet connection connected to desktops, rudimentary processing power, and low storage capacity, electronics are paling compared to the home technology we see today, but it’s understandable that back then. , we had fewer daily tasks that relied on a strong and extensive network. broadband link.

TVs, phones, screens and speakers were all plugged into the wall and were way too big to carry with us. So they stayed there and we came to see them for fun.

And don’t forget – with our kitchen appliances, they were more often powered by energy sources than they are today. We’re still very much tied to non-renewable energies, but luckily in 2020 we’re (mainly) much more aware of the damage they cause to our environment, and we’re doing more to reduce it and – ultimately – out.

The house of 2020

Look around you, you are one!

Explore some of the technologies that are very much available in many homes today. We are living in incredible times.

The two decades that have passed since the new millennium seem to have passed.

The information explosion and endless connectivity that the ubiquitous Internet offers us have only increased the speed at which technology advances. And thanks to developments in wireless connectivity like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth finally making their way into consumers’ homes (and their pockets), connectivity between devices – a feature simply labeled “smart” – has become. also proved to be a huge step forward in the way we use technique at home. If your broadband looks more like the year 2000 than it does 2020, compare our broadband offers.

Although still in their infancy, electric car charging points, smart air conditioning systems and electricity driven energy plans are now achievable in many homes in the UK, and of course we are now too. likely to have portable devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones lie because we are a TV (which is now also smart).

The house of 2040

Now for the main event. By researching emerging trends and the evolution of existing ideas, we have some predictions for the high-tech home of the future.

All of this technology, while ambitious, should be up and running in 20 years, and we can’t wait to see some of it in our homes. Looked:

As we currently see the number of devices powered by Alexa or Google Nest increasing more and more, our prediction is that by 2040 this phenomenon (dubbed the “Internet of Things”) will be centrally controlled by a virtual assistant. ” master “. which controls all connected devices in the house. Think about HAL from 2001: A Space Odyssey, but much less worrying – this technology will save us from having to interact with each connected device individually and automate many of our boring household chores like shopping for groceries and vacuuming.

Aided by our access to the right technology but bolstered by the COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdown, the work-from-home culture is now set to explode over the next two decades.

Coupled with this with VR technology, which is expected to infiltrate more industries in the future – and blazingly fast broadband speeds of 100 Gbps and above – we predict that by 2040 many people will have a ” VR workstation ”, where they can work from the comfort of their own home while interacting with colleagues in a much more personal way than video calling.

Finally, let us go all out Tokens (or Blade runner, depending on what you think) because we are also planning flying cars. A staple of a futuristic society, flying cars have often been seen as an inaccessible mode of transportation, but right now, in 2020, we are actually seeing some truly promising prototypes being developed by Uber and Airbus. So, although they will be rare and very expensive, we will certainly see aisles (or “auto-pads”) containing flying cars in 2040.

Twenty years of technology

Uswitch celebrates 20 years as a switching service by exploring how technology and the public’s perception of it have changed since the site’s inception in 2000.

A survey conducted by Uswitch as part of this campaign found that in order to improve communication, a quarter of people (around 12 million) are ready to have some form of technology surgically implanted in their bodies within the next 20 years. years. He also revealed that consumers are spending more money than ever before on technology, with the price of home gadgets rising 150% since 2000.

Of this news, Uswitch’s telecommunications expert Ernest Doku said:

“Household gadgets have come a long way since 2000, when cell phones were new and we were barely discovering the joys of the Internet.

“It was a simpler time for Tamagotchis, Walkmans and Ceefax. Now we can browse the web from smartphones in our pocket and watch TV or movies on the go.

“Today, many of the devices we have around the house are connected directly to the internet, with homes having smart speakers, smart fridges, and even smart toothbrushes. And that’s a trend that will continue with the advent of truly smart homes and the growth of the Internet of Things.

“We’ve really enjoyed being a part of people’s lives for the past 20 years – but it’s even more exciting to think of what the next 20 years will bring, I wouldn’t be surprised to see devices connecting our brains to machines to create a reality, allowing us to access the Internet or communicate with others using only our minds.

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