Here’s why Tesla owners love their cars and their rivals hate them: Tesla Motors Inc (TSLA)

Tesla Motors Inc has a very loyal clientele and they are extremely passionate about their cars. Have you ever wondered what is so special about Tesla cars? Quora houses a thread that asks customers what makes them love their Tesla.

Why do Tesla owners love their cars so much?

People love their Tesla EVs for many reasons, but the one you’ll hear the most is about the car’s incredible acceleration. One of the Tesla owners participating in the Quora chat, Mario Zelaya, recalls being stunned after experiencing Tesla’s acceleration for the first time.

“It was FREADY. It is as if I had traveled to the future. I couldn’t even tell if the car was on! There was no sound, no noise, nothing, ”Zelaya said.

Andrea Bednar, who has owned a Model S since 2013, is in awe of how Tesla rocked the entire auto industry and paved the way for cars of the future. Bednar believes Tesla is asserting his own personal values ​​and ideas.

“I am committed to being one of the first to adopt products that work, make a difference and disrupt the establishment (especially when the establishment has become complacent and does not provide what we want and what we need) . Driving my Tesla not only satisfies all the physical pleasure I can have while driving, it also satisfies some of my core values, ”said Bednar.

Again another lady in love with Tesla Motors Inc is Georgia Fisher, who drives her husband’s Model S, says driving Tesla is an art. “It’s sex on wheels, and putting it down for an afternoon can genuinely get you out of a minor depression.”

Among other reasons, Tesla owners are so passionate about their cars:

Amazing Technology – Tesla cars communicate very well with their drivers. Tesla drivers are greeted every day by a HUGE 17-inch touchscreen that contains just about anything you can imagine, from GPS to web browser.

Autopilot – Tesla electric vehicles can (almost) drive themselves.

Appearance – So far every model is gorgeous. From the Lotus-inspired Roadster to Model S and now Model X, these are some of the most attractive cars on the road.

Superchargers – When Tesla owners hit the road, they can count on a vast and growing network of Supercharging stations for “fillings”. And unlike traditional gas stations, charging your Tesla is free – you don’t pay a dime for fuel when you’re on the road.

Developing market for Powerwall in South Africa

In a separate piece of news, Mayor Patricia of Lille informed that Tesla had chosen Cape Town to open its office in South Africa. Elon Musk was born in South Africa. In a month or two, the firm will make its products available in the country, De Lille informed, speaking to CapeTalk radio.

Explaining the decision by Tesla Motors Inc, De Lille said that with an office in Cape Town, the company will help the city seek energy solutions. “We are very proud even if he nipped one of our top energy specialists in Cape Town, Evan Rice… We are very grateful that they chose Cape Town to establish their first base in Africa,” said the mayor.

Rice will head Tesla’s office in Cape Town. Rice was previously the CEO of Greencape – an organization formed to help develop the renewable energy market in the Western Cape. Reports say developing a market for the company’s industrial-scale batteries – Powerwall – will be Tesla’s priority in South Africa. The American firm has not yet announced a date for the opening of the business office.

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