Fat Daddy’s changes menu and gets a makeover with chef-owner Chris Schobel at the helm

Chef Chris Schobel sort of always knew he was going to open a barbecue, he only did so later in his life. So when he had the opportunity to buy Fat Daddy’s Smokehouse restaurant in Kihei some time ago, he jumped on it and made some major changes here and there, creating a whole new space and just a new menu. under our noses in this popular Kihei Kalama. Location of the village.

“I was going to Memphis in May and lived in Raleigh, North Carolina for six months,” says Schobel. “I have always smoked meat in my Pennsylvania home. My false concept of a restaurant in the cooking school was a barbecue restaurant. So it’s always been in my head. I would like to have a barbecue restaurant. I had a vision of what it could be.

Nailing a barbecue concept restaurant wasn’t the first thing he did in Maui.

“I started with TS restaurants as an intern at the age of 32,” says Schobel. “I was at cooking school in New York freezing my ass trying to get an internship in Australia. Mark Kowalski was the chef of the Hula Grill, then Scott McGill walked in. He and Peter tried to convince me to stay instead of coming back to finish my cooking degree.

But Schobel says he didn’t bite the Maui Dream at the time.

“I went back and finished the program,” he says. “Then I went to Australia in their Cordon Bleu and got a Bachelor of Commerce in International Catering and Management. Finally, when I was deciding to move to Singapore or return to the United States, Hula Grill came over and made me an offer. I came to Maui and five years later I was executive chef at the Hula Grill.

Then Fat Daddy’s was for sale.

“I worked at TS Restaurants for about eight years in total,” says Schobel. “I loved this job. It was hard to leave that to open my own barbecue restaurant. I knew I was going to have to make a lot of changes.

From the new flooring to the painting of the ceiling to the reorganization of the bar, Fat Daddy’s feels like a whole new place. Schobel says he had to shut down for about two weeks last November for some of the renovations.

“We did a lot of our own work,” he says. “We have redone all the tables. It cost a lot more to do a game this way, but it kept us busy while the doors were closed. “

The dining room has sleek cement floors, wooden tables, a communal bench with comfy pillows, and stunning old Hawaiian paniolo images on the walls. The bar can seat around four people. Schobel says he plans to buy new bar stools and the like. But the space is already perfect for crouching down with a giant plate of grilled meats and sides with a cool drink.

I’m not sure what’s most important about barbecuing when it comes to how the smoke and lower temperatures cook meat tenderly for 12 to 16 hours or more. What I do know is I love the smoky flavor of beef and pork. They make Angus beef brisket, St. Louis-style pork ribs, pulled pork, spicy ties, chicken, and a special chef’s cut called Burnt Ends. They are not burnt at all, but they are the tender fillings from the ends of the brisket thrown in the sauce and then put back into the smoker.

You can order the barbecue by the pound, on a plate with sides or on their spectacular sample plate that comes with side dishes to eat as a family. Their sides are so good they almost steal the show. Mac and cheese, garlic chili beans, local seasonal vegetables, homemade chips and incredible cornbread. There is never enough cornbread.

Vegetarians don’t have to be afraid of the smokehouse. The salads are excellent and there is even more than one. They offer watercress salad from Waipoli Farms, coleslaw, local crunchy green salad, and potato salad.

Schobel has a good bar program with Fat Tire on tap as well as an Irish beer from Kohala, the new brewery in Lahaina. Lots of great craft cocktails to enjoy with your selection of smoked meats.

I’m going to tell you now to save room for dessert, as Elizabeth McDonald of Beach Bunny Bakery fame is making the candy. Like his legendary s’mores cheesecake topped with homemade marshmallow, which I devoured. I don’t know how my daughter put a lime pie on a plate of ribs and mac and cheese. Let’s just say she wasn’t going to let us eat it.

Right now Fat Daddy is open from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m., but Schobel says he will add a lunch hour in the future. He is also a little busy with his three-year-old daughter Adelaide and is expecting a new baby girl in April. Also look out for his amazing barbecue at Maui Ag Fest the first week of April.


The Carvery

All dishes served à la carte (just meat)

Who is your daddy?

Sampling plate

ALL 6 Meats + 2 Corn Cakes + 2 Side Sides 68

Ribs Full rack 28 1/2 Rack 16

St. Louis pork ribs, simmer 5 hours

Chest 1lb. 25 1/2 lb. 13

Certified Angus beef

Pulled pork 1 lb 16.5 1/2 lb 9

Smoked overnight, grated and served with your choice of sauce

Full Bird Chicken 22 1/2 Bird 12

Incredibly tender and served with a sauce of your choice

TX Hot Links 1 lb 16 1/2 lb 8.5

Smoked Beef And Pork Sausage

Burnt ends 1 lb 26 1/2 lb 13.5

The toppings of our classic beef brisket, re-smoked


Comes with your choice of 2 sides.

For fancy sides, add $ 1.75 each.

Make your plate FAT! Add your choice of

1/4 chicken, pulled pork or links for an additional 7.

Add ribs, burnt tips or brisket for 9.

Ribs 17

Pulled pork 15

Chest 18

Ground beef 17

1/2 Chicken 17

Burnt ends 18.5

Hot links TX 15.5


Comes with one side

& Homemade Chips

Pulled pork 13

Ground beef 14

Chicken 13.5

Home made

Roscoe Texan Chili

Loaded with crisps, sour cream,

Jalapenos, Onions & Cheese 12


Beans Chili Garlic 5 7

Slowly Loaded Pinto Beans

with spices


Caroline style 4.5 6.75

Mac’N’Fromage 5 8

Potato salad 5 7.5

Wapoli Farms

Watercress salad 6 9

Nappa cabbage, sprouts, carrots

and radish ginger soy vinaigrette

Local salad 4 6.5

Hydroponic romaine, carrots,

tomato and cucumber

Jalapeno Hush Puppies 5

Corn Bread 3.5

smoked devil’s eggs 6

Seasonal local vegetables 5

Homemade chips 3


S’mores Cheesecake 7

Lilikoi Bagatelle 7.5

Lime pie 6.5



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