Environmental Court to Hear Closing Arguments in East Maui Water Rights Case

Sierra Club sues Land and Natural Resources Council for failure to protect East Maui streams from exploitation

Hawaiʻi Environmental Court Judge Jeffrey Crabtree will hear final arguments in the Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi case against the Land and Natural Resources Council. The Sierra Club sued the Land and Natural Resources Council for authorizing an increase in the amount of water withdrawn from the East Maui watershed. The Office of Land and Natural Resources has continuously issued temporary permits to Alexander & Baldwin and East Maui Irrigation to access 13 streams in the East Maui watershed without knowing or mitigating the damage caused by their use of these courses. of water to water the land in central Maui.

Hawaii’s Environmental Court gathered evidence in the case as part of the first such virtual trial held over a two-and-a-half-week period in August and is now hearing closing arguments.

  • WHAT: Closing arguments in Sierra Club v. Board of Land and Natural Resources, Department of Land and Natural Resources, and Alexander & Baldwin
  • WHEN: Thursday September 24, 2020, 9 a.m.
  • OR: Judge Crabtree, Hawaii Environmental Court via Webex
  • WHO: Mr. David Kimo Frankel, Sierra Club of Hawaiʻi; Mr. David Schulmeister, Alexander & Baldwin; Mr. Phil Winhoff, Land and Natural Resources Council

To obtain permission to record the hearing, contact the court office prior to the hearing at 808-539-4105.



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