Cowgirl Up! Horse-drawn trailer turned cafe in Makawao charmingly serves caffeine

MAkawao has a lovely new place to get a dose of Upcountry’s caffeine: a converted little horse trailer. In it, Joannah Bryan from Maui serves organic and fresh coffee with personality and enthusiasm.

Paniolo and camping enthusiasts will recognize cowboy coffee as a grainy, strong pot of grounds and boiled water over an open fire. “Cowgirl coffee is brewed by the cup with a pour,” says Bryan. “It looks like a cowboy cafe where you put the pitcher on the campfire, but it’s a little more fancy because it’s cowgirl coffee,” she laughs.

The chalkboard menu happily displays coffee expectations of regular, decaffeinated, and cinnamon house coffee, as well as espresso-based lattes and cappuccinos mixed with a few unique touches on old favorites. Bryan uses all organic products. “I also have macadamia milk, which people really love,” Bryan said. “It makes a delicious mocha. I would say it’s our signature drink, I call it Makawao Mocha. It’s made with organic macadamia nut milk, organic cocoa and homemade chocolate syrup. Everything on the menu can be served frozen. On the tea side, Cowgirl Coffee offers chai, wild orange green tea and turmeric-based golden milk.

In addition to the delicious drinks, Cowgirl Coffee also serves tasty toast of sweet and savory persuasions. The food menu is “very small but very delicious,” said Bryan. “We have fresh sourdough toast; we make avocado toast, banana toast and cinnamon sugar toast, as well as freshly baked banana bread. All banana and avocado are all local and organic delicacies.

Currently, Cowgirl Coffee’s horse trailer-turned-café is nestled between Stopwatch and Postal Plus on Makawao Avenue. “It’s a great place to grab a quick coffee when entering or leaving Makawao town. There are parking spaces and we open early, ”said Bryan. At present, the truck has a limited number of seats.

The charming yellow truck with its horseshoe logo was designed, designed and built by Bryan. “This is a 1960 horse trailer that I converted,” Bryan said. “I did all of the construction myself here on Maui. It’s a complete little café, in a very small horse-drawn trailer. We have a really wonderful La Marzocco espresso machine which is like the gem of my business because it makes awesome coffee.

Growing up in Keokea, Maui, Bryan moved to the mainland but wanted to move home in 2017. “I wanted to do something in the Upcountry, and I wanted to do something that would make the local community happy and serve the local community. Makawao is a city close to my heart… I thought it would be really cute to do something about the land of paniolo and rodeo. This is how Cowgirl Coffee was born! ”

“I wanted to do something lovely and something that had a low ecological footprint, both ecological and economical. I tried my best to make it really good for the island and really good for people’s bodies, so I use organic products and try to get rid of single use plastic. The company also runs on solar power, she added.

In his efforts to phase out single-use plastic, Bryan has implemented a system to encourage people to bring their own cups and mugs. “You get a dollar off your drink if you bring your own mug, mug, or mason jar. For frozen drinks, I charge an extra dollar for the mason jar, but you get a dollar off when you bring it back. It also has a basket where customers can leave or take extra jars to donate to their community.

“We opened in May, and so far we’re just trying to get the word out! Business has been pretty good. We have a lot of repeat customers – once people find out I’m here, they come back.

If you’re looking for some charming caffeine, check out Cowgirl Coffee. “We are here, serving all this aloha for our local community. We want to get involved and serve the local community.

Cowgirl cafe

1135 Makawao Ave., next to the Stopwatch Sportsbar

(808) 268-0077

Open Monday to Friday from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Photos courtesy of Joannah Bryan



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