Cheap auto insurance for new drivers

  • Add a more experienced named pilot: If you are not an experienced driver, you can reduce auto insurance costs by adding a named driver who is older and more experienced to the policy. But don’t pretend they’re the pilot’s name if you are. This is called fronting and it is a crime.

  • Change the type of car you drive: Another factor is the type of car you drive, with speed, safety features, and car value all playing an important role – read our guide to the cheapest cars to insure to find out which cars attract the cheapest insurance premiums.

  • Increase your voluntary deductible: Opting for a larger voluntary deductible may result in a cheaper monthly premium. But make sure you can afford any voluntary deductible if you need to make a claim. This deductible is in addition to the mandatory deductible set by your insurer. This is what you will have to pay if you ever have to claim. However, you can also insure your deductible, so that if your claim exceeded your deductible, that would also be paid.

  • Pay in advance: Pay your insurance all at once if you can. Spreading the cost of your auto insurance over 12 monthly installments might seem cheaper, but remember that you will be paying interest in addition to the amount you pay for your auto insurance premium.

  • Drive less: By limiting your miles, you expose yourself to less insurance risk. Quite simply because you reduce your risk of accidents. When you buy your auto insurance, the insurer always asks you for an estimate of your maximum annual mileage. You have to try and your mileage is low, although you have to be realistic about how much you will be driving.

  • Install additional security: Having an alarm or immobilizer is considered a theft deterrent and by deterring car thieves you can lower your auto insurance. Not all insurers offer this, so check first.

  • Take an advanced driving course: Some insurers will offer a discount to drivers who have taken an advanced driving course. There are several recognized providers such as the Institute of Advanced Motorists and the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

  • Compare the prices: While shopping, aiming for a month before your auto insurance renewal could also save you money. Your current auto insurance may be the cheapest available, but as prices change, it’s always best to stay alert.

  • Consider a multi-car insurance policy: If your parents’ driveway is full of cars, it may make more sense to try and include all of those cars and yours in one policy. Some insurers allow you to take out a single multi-car contract, including for children at university. Find out if you can reduce your insurance costs with a multi-car insurance Politics.

  • Not owning a car: It might sound like a drastic alternative, but if you don’t always need to have access to a car, maybe you can borrow a friend or family member’s car. Many insurers offer short-term and temporary auto insurance, which in some cases can be purchased for just one day. Compare quotes for short-term or temporary auto insurance.

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