Cable companies plan vacation around Republican Convention

The Non-Associated Press reported that several major cable news agencies had scheduled vacations for their anchors and leaders ahead of the Republican Convention this summer. They are expected to work double and triple overtime and will need the rest in advance.

Recent reports have indicated the higher likelihood of a contested convention this summer. To be nominated under the rules of the Republican National Convention (RNC), a candidate must obtain 1,237 delegates. No representative was available at the time of writing to explain why this number was so important.

A candidate will only be nominated if he reaches this number. “They can have a majority and not reach the required number of delegates. The convention would then be a nightmare, ”CNN’s Wolf Blitzer said.

Senior CNN officials have reportedly sent their top executives and anchors on vacation, knowing they will be working hard during the RNC. The news comes as remaining candidates Ted Cruz and John Kasich promise to challenge leader Donald Trump, even though he has a significant lead. Other sources claim that new rules are being implemented and that the outcome of these cannot be predicted.

“It would be global chaos,” Ohio Governor John Kasich heard, while Cruz said, “Trump promised riots, it will be worse than that. That is why we must act now and not later. Kasich responded by saying, “There is no doubt that I will be the next President of the United States,” in an unrelated statement.

Right now, stakeholders are planning vacations to destinations like Aruba, Cancun, Barbados and Madagascar. Several network leaders warned that they would need the rest now. Anchors, spokespersons and commentators might not survive the ordeal if they don’t, although who said it remains a mystery.

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