Broadband providers call for changes to Ofcom’s broadband plans

An industry group representing UK broadband providers expressed disappointment with Ofcom’s new annual plan and called for changes.

The Association of Internet Service Providers (ISPA) said a number of key areas have been “completely overlooked” in the proposals, which spell out which areas the regulator will focus on over the coming year and how. it intends to support consumers.

ISPA noted that now is a critical time for the industry as the transition to faster, all-fiber broadband begins to accelerate and new infrastructure is rolled out across the country. .

However, he said more work needs to be done to protect vulnerable customers, as the current proposals do not target precisely enough the areas of the market they are meant to protect.

Despite its reservations, ISPA found positive points in the proposals. The group said: “ISPA welcomes Ofcom’s increased interest in consumer protection and information. Much of this work is essential in building confidence and awareness among the general public about its connectivity service and how it could benefit from an upgrade.

“This push to embrace super and ultra-fast services will be critical as ISPA members continue to deploy next-generation infrastructure.”

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