60% of parents help pay adult children’s mobile bills

Tesco Mobile calls these young people the “APP generation” – the adults whose parents pay – to celebrate the helpfulness of their families.

But is mom and dad’s bank open for business out of kindness or out of necessity? A quarter of 25-29 year olds surveyed by Tesco live at home with their parents, and nearly 40% of parents who help pay the bills do so because their kids need financial help – so clearly the times are difficult for young people when it comes to money.

On the other hand, 35% of parents help with bills for their sons and daughters who earn over £ 50,000 a year, and 40% of bankers and accountants have their phone bills covered by their parents.

Again, 5% only pay the bills because they haven’t changed contracts yet.

It’s worrying that bill shock is more common than it should be, and parents are taking care of it. A quarter of those who help say they have had “surprisingly high bills” averaging £ 178.32. Keep in mind that this applies to all household bills.

Simon Groves, chief marketing officer at Tesco Mobile, said: “As a father, I can understand why parents of adults are reluctant to cut the purse strings… burdens.

“Tesco Mobile continued to ensure that customers responsible for multiple phone bills are protected from bill shocks with capped contracts offered as standard. “

32% of parents also said they would continue to pay their children’s phone bills beyond the age of 20 if only they called home more. Give your mom a ring more often, guys.

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